Your Dental Site Needs Dental SEO

Your Dental Site Needs Dental SEO
You’ve heard of all kinds of SEO. The adjectives are numerous, but in this case, it’s dental SEO that is called for here and getting things off to a good start is essential.

Just like any other SEO venture and campaign you need to know and execute the fundamentals of a competent, relevant, and interactive website. Don’t even think you can cut corners here as without a full foundation, everything you build on top of it will eventually fall apart.
With dental SEO, it’s basically the same strategies as the new Google algorithms and rules call for. No more keyword stuffing or old school tactics, the rule of thumb for today is importance to the surfer on an organic basis as well as interactivity.

You’ll need to embark on two new strategies. Increase your social media presence and bring in people from the professional and patient spectrum.

You need to make sure the blog or blogs on your site are timely and living. They should invite interaction via comment and sharing. Bring this in via social media and that means even stopping by a patient’s website to say hello and compliment them on their smile or some other area. They’ll then boast that you’re their dentist and others in the area may well seek you out. This shows Google that people are interested in your business and that boosts your search rankings.

When professionals you know have their sites, social media pages, blogs, stop by and comment. Share on your sites and social media pages even if they’re competitors. Google will see your site as a hub for valuable service and information, and if others find it appealing to stop by and chat with you via your blog or even Facebook pages, that shows Google once more that your site isn’t just there for promotion and spamming, but there to be a service to the public.

Once you’re off to a good start with your dentist SEO campaign, keep up the good work. Don’t listen to anyone else’s two cents about what you should do. You should be checking your statistics and metrics daily and looking for any valuable info in the data collected. If for some reason a website owned by a patient has been sending you traffic, visit that site and say hello. Make a list of the most valuable traffic sources and visit them. Make a list of the smaller traffic source and visit them. If someone boasts about you on social media then stop by and say thank you. Mention any deals and discounts or new technologies available. People will come to rely on your opinions and if you get them asking you questions, you are now in the cat-bird seat and you should exploit this good fortune.

The bottom line here is, your dental SEO depends on two things, your competence as a webmaster and marketer and your willingness to communicate and put things into action on a social basis.