8 things to remember for successful dental SEO

 8 SEO tips for Dental website1. Research local themed keywords

There is no point trying to compete for the term ‘dental services’ on Google, you would have to put in a lot of effort and you would end up with mainly visitors from other areas. One important trick for successful dental SEO is to use locally focused keywords such as ‘Orlando dental services’ for example, you will have far less competition and will find that far more visits convert into bookings.

 2. Include keywords for any specializations

People don’t just search for dental services and other obvious keywords, some are looking for a very specific service or may have a specific problem and search based on that. If you have skills to deal with certain complaints then use dental SEO to advertise them; make sure for example that if someone is searching for ‘wisdom  teeth removal’ if you can offer this your site comes up for that keyword.

 3. Consider long tail keywords with low competition

Long tail keywords are those keywords with relatively low traffic but also relatively low traffic, you can usually rank for these much more easily and much more quickly and the traffic you get from a dozen such keywords may be as much as from 1 more obvious keyword.

 4. Focus on building relevant links

Link building is about more than the quantity of links, though it is good to have 100 or more, also important is the Google Pagerank of the page the link is from and how relevant the page is. If the linking page is about dental services then this is good to get a link from for your dental SEO, if it is for example about Orlando businesses and you are in Orlando this is also useful; but if you are a Dentist in Orlando and you appear in a directory of London dog walkers this has very limited value.

 5. Create interesting content

Did you know that Google track how long people spend on your site after clicking a link in their results? The result is that pages need to have good quality content that is relevant to the keywords searched for so that people stay on the page: this also of course boosts your chance of them becoming a customer.

 6. Use landing pages for your prime keywords

If someone has searched for Orthodontist services then get them to a page about the orthodontist services you offer. This way you have a much better chance of keeping them on site and convincing them that you are the dental service for them than if they came into your more general homepage.

 7. When choosing keywords look at competition in detail

Look at the level of competition when choosing keywords but not just how many other pages in total Google is serving up for a keyword but how heavily optimised the sites you will have to beat to get onto the first page are.

 8. Include unique titles and descriptions on each page

When someone searches on Google or another search engine they don’t always just choose the top result, they have a quick glance to see which result looks most like what they are after: a title and description including and relevant to the keywords they have searched for may help with your dental SEO results therefore; it is easiest to get these just right for a specific keyword by having landing pages for each major keyword you are using each with a unique title and description.