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Benefits of Social Media for Dental Practice SEO

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Social Media and Dental SEO

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When putting together your dental website, you know you need to think about dental SEO. After all, it’s through this that people will be able to find your website using search terms on all of the popular search engines. Of course, that’s not all you need to do.

Another important component of your dental SEO is properly implementing and utilizing social media services. Social media encompasses a wide range of websites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and more that make it easier for people to connect. Of course, that’s not all these sites can do. Connections are just the first step to social media. Following that, the real magic comes in the form of leveraging those connections.

With social media, you can announce special offers about your practice to a huge potential client base. You can post coupons or even interact with patients in a whole new way. Don’t be afraid to start conversations and involve yourself in your patients’ lives. It’s through thorough use of social media coupled with intelligent dental SEO that you can reach the largest number of patients possible.

And don’t be afraid to let some personality shine through. People enjoy seeing the friendlier side of businesses.

Get $100 Google AdWords Coupon When You Sign for SEO or Web Marketing Services With us

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Dental SEO provides variety of SEO and Web Marketing services.

We offer $100 Google AdWords coupon to our customers which sign with our firm for any SEO and Web Marketing services.

Google Adwords

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Doing your own Dental SEO campaign

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Dental SEOSEO varies a little between businesses, some may need a focus on getting in local visitors or need traffic with a specific aim when they search: such as an aim to make a purchase or the aim to choose a service; in other cases a business may want any relevant traffic to come to their website and may simply want high traffic to improve advertising revenues. With Dental SEO though you need traffic that is local and ideally people who are specifically searching for a local dentist surgery with the purpose of booking an appointment or registering as a patient.

The first thing is to research keywords for Dental SEO and think carefully about them. First use a tool such as Google’s keyword tool to find more keywords relating to some initial keywords that you have either come up with yourself, found that people who are visiting your site are already using or perhaps which are from website’s of competitors who seem to have successful websites.

Google’s keyword tool will show you the amount of traffic for keywords and you can even narrow it down to see how much local traffic there is for a keyword, you want to choose those keywords that have the highest traffic but ideally those with low or perhaps medium competition. Having said this Google only give a very simple measure of competition and what is important is how high a Google pagerank other websites you will be competing against have: for this do a search for a keyword and then use a tool such as Google toolbar or SEO Quake to check what pageranks the top few sites for a keyword have, the lower the better.

Now with your keywords you are almost ready to put them on your site but as mentioned for Dental SEO you need to choose carefully so consider if any keywords are ambiguous and look out and for and choose those that seem to suggest an intention by the searcher to book an appointment, such as ‘emergency dental appointments’ or ‘book dentist appointment’.

Next you need to put these keywords on to your website, you may choose the best keywords with the highest traffic to go on your home page and other main pages. Other keywords may be more specific such as ‘emergency dental appointments’ and you may want to create a page about that subject that will contain related keywords and give people the information they are looking for straight away when they visit.

You may not want to put too many keywords on each page, you may want to limit it to two or three and then aim for about 1% so that for every 100 words you have the keyword once. To include as many keywords as possible therefore it is a good idea to have multiple pages and search engines like to see new content anyway: to get the most out of your Dental SEO campaign aim for a new page or article at least once a week. On each page keywords should also ideally be included in meta-descriptions for the pages and in meta -keywords.

Another big factor for search engines is how many links you have, it is important therefore to build as many links as possible, though ideally from relevant websites with a good Google Pagerank themselves, this may include directories and also relevant blogs, it may even include other dentists: perhaps those in other areas who may be interested in linking to your articles on dentistry. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also places to get links, they don’t have as much value though for Dental SEO but have some use and may well be a good way to communicate with existing customers and potential new customers who may find you through these sites directly rather than through a search engine.

A Few Reasons To Use WordPress For Web Design

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wordpress platfor for web site developmentOne of the important decision you may face while developing a blog website is what product to use. Your decision should be based on how simple it will be to get your blog or a website  up and running. It’s also important to consider is availability of extensions which will add to you blog other exciting features (plugins and widgets). I’ve got to assure you the WordPress platform isn’t just a blog software. It is a free incredibly resourceful product, the content managing system which comes with a lot of features, and an amazingly passionate user-base.

Below is a few reasons why you  should consider WordPress for web design of your website or a blog.

Many themes to select from

As oppose to Blogger platform which have just limited themes and template choices to decide from, the WordPress has almost unlimited options. You can easily find these themes by colors, keywords and even unique types just like Buddy-Press or seasonal.

Simple to maintain

It is very easy to modify the look and feel of  the WordPress based blog or a website, even if you don’t know familiar you are with CSS and any further programming languages. The mote familiar you get with the WordPress  product, the more competent you will feel to customize or to modify your blog theme. Even with a little experience you may set-up the blog widgets and plugins for your website or a blog.

Lots of plugins to extend your sites functionality

With various blogging platforms you are limited to the basic blogging functionality. With WordPress web design possibilities are almost endless with availability of very many free plug-ins that you may install to amplify your functionality and options. For instance there are several plugins which may let you use a shopping-cart or social networking functionality on your website

Adding a social aspect to your site is easy 

You can add a social feature to your website like a forum for the visitors of your blog to use throughout the BBPress plugins and BuddyPress. It allows to private communications among your readers within a blog including chat functionality.

Good Opens Source community

Open source community people are jointly working to make WordPress is the most secure and user friendly platform. These people are a part of the Open Source developers community, without which, there wouldn’t be free plugins and themes. It’s made the WordPress platform a well-known platform not only for developing blogs but also for website design. Currently WordPress is being used widely across many countries including US. You may visit where you can get guidelines on how to start on developing your first blog.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is very SEO friendly platform. A very many free plugins available to help you out with the SEO optimization. including meta tags management, social bookmarking,  Google Analytics and inbound traffic statistics.

The Most SEO Friendly CMS Platforms for Your Dental Site

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Dental SEO fr your Dentist OfficeImplementing a content management system or CMS on your dental website can be an enormous benefit to day-to-day operations. However, it’s vital that the convenience of a CMS doesn’t override your SEO efforts. Without proper dental SEO, no one will be able to find your site, which doesn’t work when you’re trying to get the word out about your business.

 Importance of Dental SEO in CMS

CMS can improve the functionality of your website. Not to mention, it’s much easier to manage than a static HTML-based website. All the dynamic features of a CMS give you the ability to change the site on a whim without having to rebuild the entire structure. However, some systems negate their ease of use by failing to include proper SEO functionality. But how can you tell one CMS system from the next? And how can you ensure it’ll incorporate all of the dental SEO attributes you need it to?

Features to Look For

  • A good CMS set up will include proper SEO functions. Here’s how to tell your system of choice is the right one:
  • Link management: Permalink support for increasing SEO. Moving pages around won’t require manual changes. Simple move the page and all links will be updated automatically.
  • Meta tag support: There should be ample support for SEO components within the CMS. For instance, you should be able to add title tags, header tags, alt tags, and link rel tags.
  • SEO-friendly themes
  • Custom internal and external anchor links.
  • Customizable 404 pages.
  •  Flexibility in underlying structure: You should be able to customize HTML tags to reorganize the entire page.
  • Web 2.0 and social media support: A part of the dynamic aspects of CMS is its ability to be updated on the fly and to foster community interaction. Dental SEO needs to incorporate these items including blog posts, tagging, forums, and buttons for sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Ample community support: You should be able to interact with people that use the CMS system, ask them questions, and join in on discussions regarding SEO implementation. The best CMS are interactive and allow you to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

Before you install a CMS, make sure it supports dental SEO. Otherwise, you may end up with a very usable, yet entirely hidden website that doesn’t do anything to help promote or benefit your dental practice.

Google Zeitgeist 2011 and SEO insights

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Using link-bait content is standard SEO practice and a great way to do this is to create articles on the latest hot topics. If you are writing quality content on the latest hot trends then you should naturally get traffic anyway as well as you use on page SEO effectively and if you use Social Media to drive traffic.

Twitter’s trending topics is one way to find out what hot topics at any time are, sometimes these change too quickly though. Google now though tells you what the trends for the last year have been; this allows you to create content that should stay popular for a little longer. On SEO professionals can look at the fastest rising queries as well as the fastest falling letting you know what to avoid writing about too.

You can also see a number of other useful top tens, the fastest growing news story keywords, people, entertainment, consumer electronics, food and drink and sports related terms. You can even see these by region so you can make sure that you aren’t trying to get traffic to your UK site using articles about American Football players who few in the UK have a clue about let a lone will search for.

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Use Google AdWords and Bring New Patients to Your Dental Practice

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Google Adwords for Dental OfficeAs an owner of a dental practice, you know you have to do your part to drive new traffic to your website. This usually involves implementing dentist SEO to ensure people that search for businesses related to yours on search engines can find you easily. Essentially, SEO helps to improve your position in search engine results so people can find you more easily. Let’s say you’ve done all of this already. If you’re still not getting the kind of results you want and you’re sure that the SEO is implemented properly, you might want to consider investing in Google AdWords to bolster your marketing efforts.

Google AdWords is service that allows you to purchase ads for specific keywords in search engine results. So, for your dental practice, you’d likely buy an ad for the keyword phrase, “dental practice” or “City Name + dental practice.” You get the idea. Then, you’d write a very brief advertisement using this keyword phrase and offering an enticing message that people would want to click on if they search for your keyword phrase.

You set a budget for how much you’re willing to spend on the AdWords campaign. If it’s a keyword without much competition, you won’t have to pay very much. Essentially, you only pay money whenever someone clicks on your ad. So, let’s say somebody searches for your keyword phrase. A list of results will come up. But along the side of the results or at the top of them your ad will appear. If someone clicks on this ad, you’ll be charged a fee. However, this increases your likelihood of bringing in new patients. Because your link is set apart from the rest of the results, people searching for a dental practice like yours will find you more easily. Your practice will appear more important and more relevant to their search.

Google AdWords can be a very effective way to bring in new patients to your practice by using dentist SEO. Choosing the right keyword is of the utmost importance, of course. But this is the case with all things related to dentist SEO. Using the right keywords in the right way is vital to the success of your campaign. While not every dental practice will benefit from the use of Google AdWords, it can prove helpful to those looking for an added edge to their search result rankings. Essentially, if you’re looking to boost your rankings in search results and are willing to pay a little extra for advertising, this is your best bet for improving your dentist SEO.

How to choosing an affordable SEO company for your dental practice.

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Affordable SEO Company for your dental practiceIf you are interested in investing your hard earned money in the SEO services for your dental practice then you should certainly bring some options and queries into mind. As much you know about the dental SEO companies and their overall provisions, you will be in benefits. But, it will really be a complicated and herculean task to search for the best and affordable SEO company until you have researched well about the profits associated with their hiring and the role they will play in boosting your confidence in the field of online marketing.

There are many points that are considered very important to consider while choosing the best SEO companies for your work. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • You should know about the dental SEO company profile and the years that have been spent by them in the field of online marketing. No doubt, it is a new field and latest addition to your knowledge and that is the sole cause which compels you to know about their experience. You should certainly ask about the dental experience of the SEO company which you think is the best and most effective for your task.
  • In order to get your job done in an excellent manner, you will seriously have to ask the company whether it has accomplished such tasks before or not! If yes, you will definitely make a deal with it. They will offer you testimonials and proofs for the previous works, their functions, the whole project report and the current results that their efforts fetched. An affordable SEO company will obviously cater to your needs at the topmost level.
  • Sending web traffic to your business or personal blogging website is completely a different thing. The actual task of the dental SEO company is to boost your business to such a level that internet visitors may turn into potential buyers. The best SEO company will certainly get into discussion with you about the sole objectives that you wish to achieve either on phone or through the email.
  • The companies must also some competency, affordability and reliability in their tasks. Most of the dental SEO firms are not interested in sending valuable traffic rather they will just leave you alone in the midst of waves of internet.
  • Moreover, the affordable SEO company should try to make your website friendly to the search engines without compromising with the quality and contents. No doubt, your phrases and keywords should be more researched and effective. Your website should have better link creation and building capability.
  • You should get into their tricks that boast of bringing your business at the top in the list of Google.  You should make it clear whether the keywords will be more relevant and compatible. It simply means that the website should get high volume of traffic, better response from the online visitors and above all, you must get an awesome return for your already coughed up investment. Affordable SEO company should further stick with the much needed quality and originality of contents.


Inbound Linking is Vital for Dental Website Off-Site Optimization

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Dental SEO for Dentist PRacticeThinking about building up the dental SEO on your website? If so, you’ve probably already considered the typical factors including keywords in the body content, headers, titles, and sub headers. You’ve probably thought about including keywords and phrases in the meta data including in the meta title, meta description, and meta keywords tags. But what you may not have thought about is the role of inbound linking in maximizing the potential of your off-site optimization.

How Inbound Linking for Dental SEO Works

If you want to get as much traffic as possible by implementing SEO tactics on your dental website, you have to think about inbound linking. Essentially, this involves getting other websites to link to your website. But they can’t just be any websites. That’s why the old link exchange networks have fallen by the wayside. The concept of “backlinking” doesn’t work by just asking a random website to link to you. They need to be relevant, that is, related to your own website or in a related industry. So, dental supply company websites or dental health websites would be good ones to ask to link to your dental practice website.

You should also strive to get inbound links from sites that rank higher than yours in the search engines. So, a popular medical association website or a dental practice directory would both be good choices for inbound links.

Of course, the links themselves need to be optimized as well. The dreaded, “click here,” is not suitable link text. Instead, it should be a keyword or keyword phrased related to your website. This way, the search engines are given an extra clue that your site is related to the subject matter.

With dental SEO, you basically want to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity you can. That is, include keyword phrases and text, wherever you can, request inbound links from other websites that have a higher search engine ranking than you, and make sure every inbound link is relevant.

Of course, there’s more to dental SEO than just these principles, but by taking a strategic approach, you should have some success in boosting your search engine rankings and increasing your traffic. Remember: the key isn’t just boosting your traffic; it’s making sure the people that visit your website are relevant and are actually searching for the information or services you provide. That is what makes successful SEO.

New Google Navigation Concept

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Take a look at a new Google Navigation concept which includes a unique simple and intuitive user experience across Google applications including Search, Maps, News, Gmail and many others.