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Should you choose SEO or go for PPC for your dental practice?

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PPC for Dentists: Reasons Why Dentists Should Use PPCThough it has been the established norm for websites to exploit SEO strategies in order to claim a rank on the first SERP of Google or Yahoo, the PPC stratagem has proven to be equally effective, of late. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned dentist or launched your portal a few months back, PPC marketing can go a long way in shoring up your business, especially if your Dental SEO campaign has not helped achieve expected results. A pay per click campaign may no doubt turn out be more expensive but at the same time might prove to be more effective in getting you more customers (aka patients), at least in the short run.

What most online marketers and strategists suggest is to blend your dental SEO plan with a meticulously devised pay per click approach so as to maximize your chances of bolstering your practice.

Benefits to reap by syncing your dental SEO with PPC advertising

PPC advertising would surely improve your prospects of securing a good rank on Google’s opening search engine results page(s), particularly when your organic SEO strategy is faltering. If you wish to promote your online practice across the internet, the best line-of-attack would be to combine both ‘pay per click’ and dental SEO efforts.

As far as your dental portal is concerned, there will basically be two kinds of people who’ll look up your site. Belonging to the first category are those who’ll log into your site simply to check out the services you are offering but may not schedule an appointment. With organic or open-sourced algorithm-oriented search results, you’ll not have to pay a farthing when the user clicks to land on your site.

But if you’ve subscribed to PPC, you’ll end up paying every time a user or patient clacks the mouse on the URL that takes him or her to your site. Therefore, the aforementioned type of user is not a prospective customer for your practice. On the other hand, there’ll always be individuals who’ll be frantically looking forward to meeting a dentist located close to their address as early as possible as they are suffering from toothache or need to opt for a dental implant.

These are the ones who are most likely to become your steadfast customers in the long run and this is where your pay per click investments would fetch you handsome returns. Additionally, in the 2nd scenario, your pay per click promotion would receive a huge boost from your dental SEO tactic.

SEO should be used in conjunction with PPC at all stage for the following reasons

PPC classifieds, on its own can help foster your practice, in case you opened your chamber a few weeks back, and looking for your first batch of patients. Once your business starts flourishing, you’ll be in a position to buttress your practice by setting up a chamber in another area of the city if you see sufficient clicks being generated for that specific zone consistently. Now that you’ve a sound idea about the benefits you enjoy by marrying ‘pay per click’ method with your dental SEO arrangement, you’d be better off rehashing the objectives why you’d want to do so:

  • High probability of remaining almost always on top of search results
  • Create organic content based around PPC keywords that stimulated maximum clicks
  • Helps fine-tune a perfect optimization strategy
  • Aids in tagging a PPC advertisement to visual or textual content related to your product or service
  • Chances of heightened click through rates
  • Increases conversion rates are assured as well

If you are sincere about furthering your dental practice, you can log in at for getting tips on how to effectively dental SEO plan with a PPC campaign. Alternatively, you can make a call to 727-797-3057.

Connecting to social media is crucial for the success of your dental SEO promotion plan

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Dental Practice Marketing - Using Social Media to Grow Your PracticeConsidering the contemporary significance of the automated social media with regards to popularizing an e-commerce site it does not need to be emphasized that your dental SEO promotional strategy should incorporate social media platforms. Of course, social media cannot be the be-all and end-all of a typical web-based dental canvassing plan as there are other more important aspects to consider but it nevertheless should be factored into your overall digital advertising campaign. Contrary to what you may think, the endeavor does not need to be an expensive one.

Effective Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Online Dental Marketing Approach a Success

A good of majority of dentists simply cannot resist the temptation of going overboard with their dental SEO stratagem, especially when connecting with social media, like making the promotion appear too gaudy and loud. The posts and updates should be engaging and interactive enough to encourage existing and prospective patients/clients to take an interest in you.

Integrate Your Dental SEO with Social Media

To make the most of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn blend them with your dental SEO tactics. To be specific, integrate your practice’s Facebook or Twitter profile with your portal hosted on Google’s servers to make the latter more visible across the web.

Create Original and Innovative Content and Share the Same

Content still remains king when it comes to publicizing your dental practice. So, creating original, relevant, and quality content free of plagiarism and devoid of grammatical or syntactical errors is sine-qua-none. Additionally, tempering the content with visual content in the form of appealing illustrations and imageries will surely amplify your practice’s online presence across social media.

Optimize Social Media Posts with Niche Keywords

You had definitely selected the keywords (generally used by patients and visitors when they browse on the net) for your dental SEO method. You could extrapolate this optimization technique for your social media blogs and posts for driving greater traffic to your site.

Enhance Visibility via Link Building with Social Media

Once you have taken the necessary steps to build inbound links for your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts by uploading inventive and unique content, you should next focus on generating outbound links that will direct or redirect users to your site from social media profiles.

Harmonize Google Classifieds with Facebook Ads

Do not put all your eggs in one basket by investing your entire online marketing budget on Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and AdSense. Instead, keep aside and allocate a part of your funds for spending on Facebook classifieds. Browse for the appropriate keywords independently for Google as well as Facebook, and thereafter mix the lists judiciously for getting the best of both worlds.

Keep Track of Traffic by Taking Advantage of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can help you in tracking visitors of your site, starting from the classified or post they clicked on to land at your website to the route they went through and everything in between. Facebook Pixel will even let you know if some of the visitors scheduled an appointment.

Rate Your Success

All your efforts to promote your site on social media will be in vain if you do not use metrics for reviewing the results using the Google Analytics tool.

You can log in at or call up 727-797-3051 for getting a dental SEO strategy devised by online marketing specialists.

The five social media sites every dentist should use

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Social media in Dentist SEODentists offer a service where trust is vital so you should be using social media as a dentist, not just to advertise but to show off your professionalism and trustworthiness as a dentist, SEO is benefited as well.


For many of your potential customers Facebook is the best place to get in touch with them and interact with them to let them know you exist what you do and even more importantly that people they know already use you. Get as many existing customers to follow you as possible then and also keep reminding them you are there and that you care with regular updates to ensure they keep coming back. Likes and shares on Facebook will also boost your dentist SEO rankings so put effort into the content you share and integrate Facebook like and share buttons into your site. .


Twitter is often misunderstood by those that see one side of it but can be used in different ways: it is up to you to decide how to use Twitter. As a dentist SEO rankings are one part of what you want to get and so use really interesting tweets, such as incredible dentistry facts, that people will retweet and Google will see as a positive signal for your site. Also though don’t be afraid to interact with people directly on Twitter and start a discussion about their dentistry needs etc.


Linkedin is a business to business social network mainly but you are offering a service, which people buy from a person they trust not from a brand so use Linkedin to show your personal profile and get to know local business people so when they come to need a dentist you are the obvious choice.


Use Youtube to show off what you do, a few pictures on your site and text telling potential patients how clean and modern your surgery is isn’t enough: a video will show this much more clearly and a Youtube video has another advantage for a dentist: SEO rankings for a Youtube video may well be quicker to gain than for your website.


With Social media impacting directly on your dentist SEO rankings getting on Google+ is important as every plus one you get will give you a boost in organic search. Google + hasn’t taken off in the way that Google had hoped, it doesn’t seem to have enough uniqueness or innovation to get people to drop Facebook and come to Google plus instead but if you are a business you can’t ignore it and need to be on here and Facebook.

Google+ Pages are for Small Business

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GooglePlus SEO Tampa Small Businesses should take a look at Google plus’s pages for business

Picture credit: Affordable SEO FL

Google Plus is slowly catching on and having a presence on there is surprisingly important for SEO. Tampa businesses can now use Google plus’s business pages feature that has just been launched.

Google plus is, to put it simply, Google’s answer to Facebook, but until recently there was one obvious difference. On Facebook you had both user profiles – which were most of the time only viewable to friends who had accepted your friend request or where you had accepted there’s – and then there were

Facebook pages for businesses, bands, brands and basically any entities that were things people might like and then follow, with no need for reciprocation. Google meanwhile had until recently only offered standard user profiles that worked in a similar way to Facebook’s standard pages. read more …

Source: SEO Tampa

Google+ Business Page For Dental Practice

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Google announced today [11/07/11] via the Official Google blog about availability of Google+ business pages.

Don’t wait! Start creating your Google+ business page for your dental office. It will improve your visibility on the web and  will make your Google page searchable.

Picture credit: Google

Google+ has always been a place for real-life sharing, and Google+ Pages is no exception. After all: behind every page (or storefront, or four-door sedan) is a passionate group of individuals, and we think you should able to connect with them too.

For you and me, this means we can now hang out live with the local bike shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line, or follow a band on tour. Google+ pages give life to everything we find in the real world. And by adding them to circles, we can create lasting bonds with the pages (and people) that matter most. read more …


Knowing about AdWords Quality Score may be very useful

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The Google AdWords keyword’s Quality Score is very important and this is why:

  • Cost decrease. The better a keyword;s Quality Score the less price you pay per click (CPC).
  • Ad’s eligibility to be dsiplayed. Your ad will have more  chances to be displayed on the first page easily at a lower cost if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.
  • Improved Ad position. You ad position depends on the keyword’s Quality Score. Therefore your ad will be ranked higher and ultimately will be displayed higher if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.

And below is how to make the Quality Score as high as possible:

  1. The Ad should contain words “Vacation” and “Tampa” in the ad’s title and in the body of the ad.
  2. The Display URL should also contain the keyword words.
  3. The landing  destination URL may need contain the keyword.
  4. The landing page’s on-page SEO optimization is actually very important for a Quality Score. So make sure that the landing page is well optimized including the page title, meta tags and a content of the page.

Google AdWords Tampa Why AdWords Quality Score Is So Important

read “Why AdWords Quality Score Is So Important” to find out how to spend less on your Google AdWords marketing and to achieve greater results.


A Few Words about Panda updates in Google’s Ranking Algorithm

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Google Panda Updates by Affordable  SEO Company

Picture credit: Wikipedia

Now months away from the recent Google Panda update, users still can’t come to an understanding exactly what the adjustments imply. Can it simply a fresh form of SEO feeling that all sorts of things done to date might be thrown away? Or, as most SEO specialists consider, does it mean that excellent articles, which the finest SEO experts continually advised, is now unquestionably essential and also poor keyword filled content doesn’t have any benefit after all anymore?

A significant part of this new algorithm is said to observe how much time visitors spend on a website they’ve found, this approach won’t affect your current page rank nevertheless will effect on how you get ranking with regard to particular key phrases. By trying to position great for key terms that you aren’t useful also or maybe which are too ambiguous you will definitely get a high bounce rate and Google will see that and additionally adjust exactly how they rate you. No longer can you enhance for any popular keyword so you can get many hundreds of site visitors no matter if just a small portion stay with the site. The next thing is to become focused and make certain you really provide something to absolutely everyone, sometimes people that will never be going to buy from your website you may want to offer outstanding written content too.

Duplicate as well as uniquely spun content is going way out at the same time: including content material that you simply put on your own site which you get right from an article bank as well as spins and rewrites from someone else’s articles. Furthermore, it consists of working with content material offered on the short article banks to acquire links for your internet site.

Google now clearly signals that unique content gets more attention and is great value: in the event it didn’t this could indeed intimidate many people and steer them away from publishing good quality posts that other people could actually just take for free. However the questionable procedure having to do with basically stealing anybody else’s write-up has very little worth any longer. Real SEO experts and website owners who generate high quality written content will likely be only much too thrilled to learn they’re going to have an improved chance of retaining their very own content: as long as Google discovers it on his or her web page 1st that is certainly of course since a number of remarkably high profile, higher page rank web pages are recognized to possess ripped off articles.

Unique articles then with the right keywords within is definitely more essential than ever before next regarding creating search rankings however how about link building? Is it yet important and can it be still attainable? For those who have inbound links coming over to you via bad quality replicate articles web pages the value for SEO considering that Panda upgrade is restricted. Therefore more time and energy will likely be needed but the truth is are now able to achieve greater rankings with just a few good quality back links as compared to numerous backlinks coming from aggregated replicate articles. A good SEO practice is to work with blogging site managers as well as other internet sites which generally call for high quality content material as well as supply these with written content designed to web link straight back to your internet site: by carrying this out you could have inbound links provided by better quality internet sites which backlink to fairly few other internet pages improving the worth of the website link. Whether it’s on page or even off page Search engine optimization then simply ever since the Google Panda redesign it is actually high quality as well as one-of-a-kind content that is necessary to your current search rankings, along with appropriate and  unambiguous keywords.

How Google’s +1 Button May Help Your Dental Website

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New Google +1 can potentially change the SEO as it’s nit just another button to be placed next to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Google +1 button will show how people liked and +1’ed your website. So before you click on a link in Google search your decision might be influenced by the +1 button. Perhaps in the future numbers of +1 clicks will be visible on the Google search results page.

The Google +1 is currently used on Google organic search and Google Adwords search results. This feature is for all pages of your website which makes it’s important to have it placed on all pages of your website and all blog posts of your blog.

Anyone with a website with good positions on Google already needs to take action immediately with +1 to get the jump on their competitors and make sure they keep their position: as with organic results how often your result is clicked on when showing for particular keywords does have some bearing on your position in results for that keyword.

From an SEO point of view building up +1s will be important to boost positions quickly and could therefore be an affordable SEO option and help out smaller businesses compete with big budgets of larger competitors.

AdSense Tips: Customize Colors of the Ads

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Why not to use some AdSense ads on your site to leverage on a good traffic that has been already generated to your page or pages? With AdSense assistance you can offset expenses you spend on building your traffic and SEO optimization.

Great resource for finding almost all answers on customization of the Google AdSense settings is in AdSense Help.

How do I customize the color of the ads on my website?
You can select from a number of built-in color palettes, or you can create up to 100 of your own. When you select a color palette and an ad format during the guided ad setup, the appropriate ad code is generated for you. You can select up to 4 palettes that will rotate randomly. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need a newer web browser with JavaScript functionality (Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape 6+).

To generate ad code with the palette of your choice:

Log in to your account at
Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for content as the product
Choose an ad type and format.
In the Colors drop-down, choose from one of our pre-designed palettes. You can edit it by clicking the color boxes next to each ad element. Or, to rotate palettes, click ‘Use multiple palettes’, then select up to 4 color palettes by holding down the Control or Command key
Copy-and-paste the AdSense ad code into webpages

Source: Google AdSense Help

10 Things You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization #2

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Do you know that 70% to 80% of people using Search Engines do not search beyond the first page of results when seeking a product or services?   Apparently majority of people don’t have time to go to the second or even third search result page.  I certainly don’t go beyond the first page in almost 99% of my searches.

These days Google puts up to 12 organic search results plus another 8 to 11 AdWords links. In most ot he cases it’s more than enough to find what you are searching for.

I can not stress more how important is to do SEO optimization of your website and how important is to be on the first page otherwise almost nobody will be visiting your website. Keep this in mind.