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Review of Website Traffic Sources

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Affdental – a comprehensive breakup of website traffic sourcesMost of the time, it might be tough to evaluate things related to marketing. So, if you are new to the entire gamut of marketing measurement and analysis activities, then we have broken down the traffic sources which are common for tools you generally come across.

Organic Search
Organic search traffic usually refers to the traffic that comes to the website. Later, you can dive deep into the details to check out who had visited the site through the search engine results. For instance, if you are aware of the visitor to the site once he or she has entered the keyword phrase, ‘inbound marketing’. This is important because the business owner would then be able to know more about the keywords that drive web traffic. Later, he can always change the keyword strategies and modify the content that people love to read.

But now, things have become more complicated since a year. While people can view information at some point in time, Google has introduced SSL encryption. This means that once anybody carries out a search the keyword would be hidden or encrypted. The team would no longer be able to see the keywords and understand the terms that would work with the search engine optimization technique. According to Google, the encryption would impact 11% of searches and is going to evolve in the year ahead. So, it’s important to keep this mind when organic search is evaluated by your team.

Referrals can be defined as any website that drives web traffic through an inbound link. Though the definition is not clear, you may have to bring in a change depending on the tool used to monitor the traffic source. Moreover, social media sites aren’t included in referral traffic because, but subdomains as well as third-party domains can be considered as a traffic source when referrals are concerned. In the end, this is helpful when you are trying to determine the web properties that would enhance SEO-partnerships, and guest blogging opportunities.

Regardless of the tool you would be using to keep a track of referrals, make sure you are able to identify every single site under the referrals.

Social Media
If someone goes to your site through a link on a social networking site, then it comes under the ‘social media’ category. This could just imply responding to a link or just posting the link on the Facebook page. But, if you are busy in posting content on social media sites, then you should add a tracking token to trace the link and analyze it sometime later.

Do keep in mind that sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious and HootSuite are also included in the list in addition to Twitter and Facebook. So, before moving ahead, it’s better to speak with the service provider to know more about the names of social media sites that are included in social media as a source.

Email marketing
Whenever you are running an email campaign, links are included in the email. These links direct the recipient to your website and give them a chance to go through the content posted online. Once you have made up your mind to go with email marketing, you would be able to observe the traffic that comes to your website owing to the campaign. It’s pretty easy to check out the traffic. For example, if the marketing team has published a blog recently after coordinating with the SEO team, then the subscribers would be notified through an email. It’s obvious that the individuals would visit the site once they are prompted to click through the post.

Having said that, don’t forget to include a tracking token, or else the clicks won’t be organized under the email marketing source.

Paid search
When you manage a PPC campaign, you can track the amount of web traffic driven to your site based on the source report. Obviously, when it’s about efficient PPC campaign management, you would have to review and come with the conclusion whether the traffic converts. Once again, you must see to it that you include the tracking code as you would know the potential of the PPC campaign depending on the traffic.

Direct Traffic
Direct traffic is nothing but the traffic you would receive directly without any channel. So, this means that when someone enters the domain name in the search bar and hits ‘Enter’ then it considered under the direct traffic source.

Finally, if you are running a different kind of campaign, then the web traffic would be included in ‘the other campaign’ source. You shouldn’t be under the impression that the traffic won’t be tracked if it doesn’t fit into another bucket.

Since establishment, AFFORDABLE DENTAL SEO has been offering dental web marketing and search engine optimization services so that dentists can succeed in the dental practice. Besides, the firm lends a helping hand when dental Adwords campaigns have to be set up and managed. This helps to know the traffic sources and take the necessary steps for implementing the right keyword strategy.

Why Dental Marketing is Vital to Your Success

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Reasons Marketing Is Vital For Dental PracticesAlthough you probably enjoy being a dentist, you do realize that there are some challenges that come along with this profession. One of the major challenges lies in acquiring new patients. Even if you’re the best dentist in your area, if you don’t have any new patients, you won’t thrive. This is why dental SEO is so important today.

Marketing Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you should know that there are several reasons why you should try dental marketing today. These include:
Dental marketing really is the key to bringing the new patients into your practice that you need. There are various ways of accomplishing this. Some of the best ways include social media postings and dental SEO as they both help get your brand out there. While on social media you may also want to try social advertising whereby you pay for advertising that targets specific groups, such as the people who live near your practice.

As a dentist, you must work to establish trust between you and your patients while also creating a reputable brand. There are some specific techniques dentists can use that aren’t available for other businesses though. For instance, when you get into social media you’ll want to do more than simply create an account. You’ll also want to take time to post status updates, pictures and videos of things that your patients will find interesting. This includes sharing helpful articles that are relevant to your followers. Taking the time to do these things will encourage your patients to engage with you as they anxiously await another post from you.

Some patients make appointments with their dentist but then fail to show up because they forget about it. There are programs you can use that will significantly cut down on some of the cancellations you receive each month. SolutionReach and DemandForce send email reminders and text messages so appointments aren’t missed.

Social media is also a great way for you as a dentist to share your knowledge with your patients. Sharing articles and tips on dental care, symptoms to watch for, and healthy eating are important ways of positively impacting your patients’ life without spending time learning about dental SEO.

As a dentist, you can still offer discounts, special offers and in-house plans on the various services you have available. Oftentimes spreading the word through word of mouth instead of using dental SEO is better for these offers. There are also some marketing programs that will do this for you. DemandForce is a great tool that many dentists use for this.

Finding Time to Focus on Your Marketing Campaign

Dental SEO is a vital part of attracting new patients to your practice today. Finding time to do these things while also seeing your patients is challenging at best. There simply isn’t enough time to do everything that your business needs. Sometimes hiring a new staff member for your office isn’t possible either. This doesn’t mean that you can simply overlook your marketing though. Doing so would certainly be the same as giving your competition the advantage. What this means is that you need to find a different way of doing things.

Since you’re the person your patients come to see, you must take care of them first. This means that you simply don’t have time to hide out in your office working on effective marketing campaigns all day. For this, you need someone whose full-time job is marketing. At Affordable Dental SEO this is all we do. So, when you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, make sure you contact us.

Connecting to social media is crucial for the success of your dental SEO promotion plan

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Dental Practice Marketing - Using Social Media to Grow Your PracticeConsidering the contemporary significance of the automated social media with regards to popularizing an e-commerce site it does not need to be emphasized that your dental SEO promotional strategy should incorporate social media platforms. Of course, social media cannot be the be-all and end-all of a typical web-based dental canvassing plan as there are other more important aspects to consider but it nevertheless should be factored into your overall digital advertising campaign. Contrary to what you may think, the endeavor does not need to be an expensive one.

Effective Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Online Dental Marketing Approach a Success

A good of majority of dentists simply cannot resist the temptation of going overboard with their dental SEO stratagem, especially when connecting with social media, like making the promotion appear too gaudy and loud. The posts and updates should be engaging and interactive enough to encourage existing and prospective patients/clients to take an interest in you.

Integrate Your Dental SEO with Social Media

To make the most of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn blend them with your dental SEO tactics. To be specific, integrate your practice’s Facebook or Twitter profile with your portal hosted on Google’s servers to make the latter more visible across the web.

Create Original and Innovative Content and Share the Same

Content still remains king when it comes to publicizing your dental practice. So, creating original, relevant, and quality content free of plagiarism and devoid of grammatical or syntactical errors is sine-qua-none. Additionally, tempering the content with visual content in the form of appealing illustrations and imageries will surely amplify your practice’s online presence across social media.

Optimize Social Media Posts with Niche Keywords

You had definitely selected the keywords (generally used by patients and visitors when they browse on the net) for your dental SEO method. You could extrapolate this optimization technique for your social media blogs and posts for driving greater traffic to your site.

Enhance Visibility via Link Building with Social Media

Once you have taken the necessary steps to build inbound links for your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts by uploading inventive and unique content, you should next focus on generating outbound links that will direct or redirect users to your site from social media profiles.

Harmonize Google Classifieds with Facebook Ads

Do not put all your eggs in one basket by investing your entire online marketing budget on Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and AdSense. Instead, keep aside and allocate a part of your funds for spending on Facebook classifieds. Browse for the appropriate keywords independently for Google as well as Facebook, and thereafter mix the lists judiciously for getting the best of both worlds.

Keep Track of Traffic by Taking Advantage of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can help you in tracking visitors of your site, starting from the classified or post they clicked on to land at your website to the route they went through and everything in between. Facebook Pixel will even let you know if some of the visitors scheduled an appointment.

Rate Your Success

All your efforts to promote your site on social media will be in vain if you do not use metrics for reviewing the results using the Google Analytics tool.

You can log in at or call up 727-797-3051 for getting a dental SEO strategy devised by online marketing specialists.

6 Effective Strategies for Dental Websites To Achieve the Most Of Dental SEO

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6 Effective Strategies That Dental Websites Can Make the Most Of dental SEO, dentist SEOYou are an established dentist with many years of experience under your belt and have your chamber in the heart of the city. A couple of years back you went online with your practice by hosting a website and even hired a internet marketing specialist to make your portal dental SEO  optoptimized. However, despite taking all the steps to attract the maximum traffic to your site, you have not been getting the results you expected.

The world of search engine optimization is always in a state of flux. Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is continually tweaking the SEO yardsticks to keep the same feasible and relevant. So, if you have not kept your site updated with reference to dentist SEO, you could be losing out in terms of incoming traffic, compared to your competitors’ portals. Following are the 6 most effective strategies you can follow in order to keep your site SEO-friendly as well as rope in new patients/clients-that is what ultimately matters.

  1. Visitors to your site should be stirred into taking action

Your dental SEO site should present all information in a manner so that data about printable forms, contact info, and visiting hours should be on the fingertips of your steadfast clientele. On the other hand, prospective patients should be able to have a basic idea about the services your offer, your fees, billing system etc, once they log in to your portal. The site should encourage visitors to call your office for enquiries or schedule an appointment by way of enticing buttons, newsletter, contact form, and so on.

  1. Smartphone-compatible design is a sine qua non

The design of your dentist SEO site should be such that the same appears fetching across all handheld devices and personal digital assistants, starting from a smartphone to a laptop and everything in between. In other words, the website design should be device-friendly and responsive. In all likelihood, majority of the traffic directed to your site, will be originating from smartphones and tabs, up to the extent of 75%.

So, you would need to ensure that your dental portal downloads quickly on mobile gadgets and at the same time looks enticing.

  1. Pay heed to the fundamentals of SEO

Dental SEO, like any other search engine optimization strategy, is all about bettering your rank on Google’s or Yahoo’s SERPs. Every webpage should open with a ‘meta title’ having at least 70 characters followed by a ‘meta description’ of 155 characters. Try to keep the URL or your web address simple and easy to comprehend.

  1. The contact page should contain all the relevant info

The contact page holds the key to whether your potential clients will be able to reach your office. This webpage should clearly list your chamber’s contact numbers, email id, Google Maps location, driving directions, working hours, and a contact form.

  1. The footer should be consistent on all web pages

Make sure that the footer at the end of a webpage is identical across all the web pages and also see that NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency is maintained across links to automated social media sites.

  1. See to it that the content is original and engaging

Content still reigns supreme when it comes to SEO strategizing whether the same is in the form of a blog, a PR or YouTube video. You should always target on creating content that is original and engaging.

Get in touch with Affordable Dental SEO at 727-797-3051 or send a mail to for apprising yourself of the dental SEO strategies and selecting an appropriate plan.

A Few SEO Tips You Need To Live By

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 A Few SEO Tips You Need To Live ByGaining ground in your SEO campaigns calls for knowing the basics and the trends by which SEO operates. We’ll look at a few things that are ‘must-haves’ if you want your dentist SEO goals to rise.

Basically, the success curve comes from following the basic techniques but adapting your practice to them. One is to make sure your site is professionally designed and engineered. There’s nothing like a sloppy or unprofessional site to make Google walk away. This means load times should be fast and grammar and spelling are top notches at the least. Easy navigation and proper balance of copy and images, including videos and graphics that are well tagged will be the strong foundation on which your site will rest.

Don’t get spammy or try stuffing keywords in your site’s copy and tags and descriptions. Google’s algorithms will detect these in a second and list you low on the vine or even get you banned. Make sure any SEO company you hire is aware of this and let them know if they get caught doing a sloppy job or unethical job, you’ll see to it that they pay for it in court.

Mobile Or Nothing

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing the boat. Mobile is now the king of computing. It’s now gotten to be over 70% of all web access and use putting laptops and desktops so far in the back of the pack that their prices are dropping like rocks. It’s not that difficult to modify your sites to accommodate the mobile crowd. There are free tools from Google and tons of free tutorials. It’s wisest, however, to hire an SEO company that really knows how to do the job. In the short and long-term, it will save you lots of time and money.

Local Dental SEO

An SEO company will know what to do regarding Local SEO. It’s the process of using your location’s name and surroundings as a way to fine-tune searches. This will direct people who reside in your area to know you’re in business. The SEO company will search for the right keywords and key phrases and key groups that are available easily or if they cost money to get, you’ll get the best deal. This phase is of essential importance and neglecting it is like cutting your own throat.

The Power Of Reviews

What sells a person to a great degree to buy from you, is what others say about your product and services. There are review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List where your customers can send in reviews about you. As you grow in positive reviews, so will your results in the SERPs. Google does highly value reviews and these reviews can be used by your SEO company to great success. Encourage your surfers and customers to send in reviews. Make sure your social media pages announce the need for reviews and post the best ones with inbound links.


Always let honesty be the best policy. Don’t go for ‘Black Hat’ techniques. Instead get a professional company like Affordable Dental SEO to get the job done right. A solid staff of pros and knowledge of the dental industry. It should put a smile on your face.

Dental SEO Linkbuilding With Finesse

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Dental SEO Linkbuilding With FinesseYour dental business based website needs more firing power. In order to do this, you’ll need to have a robust linkbuilding regimen that is relevant, pertinent, and useful to surfers. This is because Google likes inbound links that are all three of these as well as authoritative. It’s not like linkbuilding the old ways that are considered spam and scammy nowadays, it’s about getting inbound links that serve a purpose to the overall experience the surfers will encounter when visiting your site.

Research Is Everything

Research is everything in linkbuilding. You’ll have to do research on your site and that of others, mainly competitors or those sites that are super pro level. The primary research on your site will be your present linking. Look at the links you have and prioritize them in regard to the amount of inbound traffic they generate. Look at not only which site delivers the traffic, but why. Keywords and such will indicate what people are searching for on their site and yours.

You’ll have to calculate the reasons for inbound links from them and nurture that. For example, if dental implants are being searched for and the key phrase is ‘painless dental implants’ then you’ll need to exploit that. Look around for sites that focus on that issue. You may find out its social media which aren’t company websites but websites of engaging interest. You’ll need to post to these sites in a way that you and the members will establish links there. This is an awesome tactic because if you post entertaining and informative posts, people will share your posts and establish a mini-viral list of new inbound links from their social media pages and other niche-like pages and websites and message boards.

You’ll need to see how the competition does it. Look at where they’re getting their inbound links from and kindly try to solicit those web sites to trade links with you. Look mostly for authority sites as these will boost your page rank considerably. If you find it difficult to do, then you’ll have to worm your way into their good graces via good professional conduct and promotion. Let’s say you want a link from “Acme Dental Service” that is a huge dental website with a strong social media presence. You would look up who owns the company and works there. Friend them if possible and visit their social media sites and comment. Be helpful and courteous to their members and after a while, people will see you as a major contributor. Help them make sales by validating their services. Pretty soon they’ll feel like they can’t do without you and other members will inquire as to how you know so much about the business. Post memes when you can that boosts the entertainment value and you’ll soon have your own audience with multiple inbound links coming in.

You’ll need to see how the competition does it. Look at where they’re getting their inbound links from and kindly try to solicit those web sites to trade links with you. Look mostly for authority sites as these will boost your page rank considerably. If you find it difficult to do, then you’ll have to worm your way into their good graces via good professional conduct and promotion. Let’s say you want a link from “Acme Dental Service” that is a huge dental website with a strong social media presence. You would look up who owns the company and works there. Friend them if possible and visit their social media sites and comment. Be helpful and courteous to their members and after a while, people will see you as a major contributor. Help them make sales by validating their services. Pretty soon they’ll feel like they can’t do without you and other members will inquire as to how you know so much about the business. Post memes when you can that boosts the entertainment value and you’ll soon have your own audience with multiple inbound links coming in.
It’s All About Interaction

Getting others to link to your calls for interaction. Not just sending an email begging them for a link but in becoming part of their upward trend. There’s nothing wrong with giving others in the field a leg up in reputation. Admiring the professional work of others is a compliment to you and them. Others see this as good sportsmanship and will appreciate your input. When people ask questions on others’ sites, offer definitions of complex terms and phrases and people will then pour in to ask you more questions. Have them mention your help on their social pages and put up a link to you. Google will recognize this as your site is active and needed and you’ll move up in the rankings.

With these approaches and using the tools for doing SEO research, many of which are free, you’ll be making a mark on the dental linkbuilding set in no time.

Guidelines for Effectively Managing a Social Media Influencer Promotion Plan

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Guidelines for Effectively Managing a Social Media Influencer Promotion PlanA new element of social media marketing is creating waves in the online realm nowadays-influencer marketing’. Business establishments and commercial enterprises exploring and exploiting influencer marketing have a 37% enhanced chance of holding on to their steadfast customers in comparison to those businesses which don’t bank on ‘buzz marketing’. Alternatively, an overwhelming 80% of all B2B and B2C transactions entail some kind of word-of-mouth suggestion at some stage of the buying process if a report issued by ‘Forrester’-a reputed American market research firm is to be believed.

Though Social media marketing is not without its advantages and drawbacks, the adverse aspects of shortcomings can be counteracted considerably in order to get better results quickly if influencer promotion strategies are utilized optimally. Scientific application of the influencer campaign for dental SEO can also lead to a reduction in CTR (click through rate) for display commercials. Therefore, dentists looking to add to their patient base and bolster their practice should incorporate influencer marketing in their search engine marketing plans. Abide by the following 6 tricks for thrashing out an efficient influencer marketing strategy.

  1. Plan in a ‘back to front’ manner

Focus first on what or how the final stage will look like much before you can get started with the influencer marketing promotion for dental SEO. You need to be out-and-out familiar with the objectives or ends that you wish to accomplish by running the campaign and the most practical way to do so would be by concentrating on the ultimate part. To put it simply, you should work from back to front.

Working in this manner will go a long way in figuring out the amount of money you’ll have to invest in order to accomplish your objectives. Spare a thought to the KPIs (key performance indicators) for gauging the efficacy of your marketing plan right from the outset. The key performance parameters usually happen to be ‘generated leads’, ‘leads that were converted to customers’, ‘engagement with the target audience’, ‘total sales’, ‘customer feedbacks’, and so on.        

  1. Know your niche audience

No matter whatever product or service you’re trying to publicize via social media marketing you need to bear one aspect in mind and that is you cannot push sell to everybody. You first need to make out who your target or niche audience is.
For instance, if you are trying to market Invisalign braces through your dental SEO technique then you surely want to target those individuals whose dental settings are not perfect.

So as to familiarize with your niche demographic, try to find the answer to some of the following questions:-

  • What kind of setting does your prospective client have in his or her mind?
  • What sort of conversations does the prospect hold with his near or dear ones?
  • What problems are your prospects facing? In what way or ways will your offering solve the obstacles?
  1. Allow the influence to create bulk of the content

Leave the responsibility of creating creative and original content on the influence since he is fully conversant of the niche audience. The target segment is able to establish a good rapport with the influence because of his magnetic persona. Let the influencer connect with the audience by giving him or her full leeway to create engaging content.

  1. Chasing big shots does not always work

Chasing big shots in any commercial sector when it comes to influencer marketing is the herd mentality. Surprisingly enough, following such a strategy may not work on most occasions, particularly if you’re experimenting with influencer strategy for the first time. It’s more practical for you to stay with small names as they could be better suited for your product or service.

  1. The influence you choose should gel with the brand

The influence that you take on board for promoting your brand should be able to connect with the same.

  1. Keep tabs on your progress and review

Creating content and uploading the same doesn’t mean your work is over. If you expect good returns, you’d have to analyze the outcomes based upon the KPIs.

Muscling Up On That SEO With Content Marketing

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Muscling Up On That SEO With Content MarketingContent marketing is a vital part of anyone’s SEO campaign strategies. Realizing and capitalizing on this skill is of utmost importance and the smart webmaster knows that being educated and persistent means success.

Content marketing is comprised of dozens of specialized skills. Some people can produce on all these levels and some need help. This is why one doesn’t half-step regarding content marketing. If one isn’t a professional in any aspect of the principle elements that make up content marketing, then one either gets educated in that area or hires someone who is. This is because SEO depends on content marketing to be successful. Without proper content marketing your sites will look like a bland and uninteresting one.

Today’s website has to pop with excitement or just steady and lively activity. That is because Google is now looking for sites that tie in with social media and mobile so as to better provide surfers with relevant and up to date information. This shows Google that your site is worthy of advancing up the search engine rankings.

First thing of note is having a competent, pertinent, and engaging website. Get a professional job done here as all else will stand on this foundation. This calls for a smart design, easy navigation, graphics that communicate and attract, copy that is well written and engaging with ‘calls to action’ strategically placed, meta data, titles, descriptions, alt tags, for all photos, videos, animation. Animation is important. It’s got action in it and a well used piece of animation can lead to a good deal of traffic due to shares and links ‘to’ that content.

Make use of your location for all that it is worth. Not only is the value of your location to let people know where you are, but it can be a boon in promotional content marketing strategies. Here’s how it works. You’ve got a business that is about collectible toys. You’re located in Dallas, Texas. Well, by making sure each web page has your keywords and location, then people looking for both will find your site in the search engines. May not be the top spot, but you’ll be listed. Now, to boost that, you would create content that focuses on both such as blog posts, pics, videos. Dallas has numerous main events annually that you can capitalize on. Mention these events and how to get accommodations to attend to them as well as the key people and organizations that present these events and tie that into your site’s goals. For example, if there’s a major annual celebration, create a blog post, video, pics, graphics of your attendance to such events. That content will be yours and yours only and well tagged, and described, will bring in targeted organic traffic.

In today’s content marketing, social media is also of paramount importance. Your content marketing has to, has to, accommodate social media and social networking. You’ve got to create content that people not only ‘like’ but will ‘share’ and ‘comment’ on. Comments especially with inbound links, because ‘like’s and ‘shares’ can be fraudulent. Not always, but there are people who try to buy such things but the search engines are smart to this all.

Overall, think of your website as a restaurant. You want to serve the best dishes that gets people talking, visiting, and of course returning. During all that activity you strategically place your ads, calls-to-action, recommendations and so on.
It’s all about the perseverance and commitment to engaging content quality.

The Value Of ROI, Return On Investment And SEO Strategies

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The Value Of ROI, Return On Investment And SEO StrategiesIt’s like pulling teeth trying to explain to a boss or an investment group about ROI or Return On Investment regarding SEO and social media tactics to boost one’s website and products and services.

So many execs are under the impression that there’s some magic bullet whereby just one seo expert can perform some magic wonder to get a website to the top of the search engine lists. They just don’t understand the mechanics of what’s going on and are only interested in how fast they can get their money back and why are they expending capital for such a venture.

This is why it takes time to sit down and look at what is going on regarding the SEO and social media marketing industry and translating that information into common terms and scenarios that the execs can comprehend. You need to make sure they understand that things don’t work overnight. That this is both short term and long term strategies. They need to realize it’s just like growing crops or waiting for an investment to mature like a CD or mutual fund.

The execs need to know this takes planning and savvy as the landscape regarding SEO often changes thanks to Google and other search engines changing their algorithms to get better results for their surfers. This calls on the seo expert to work diligently to stay on top of the latest changes and tactics and to explain them in prosaic terms to their execs and investors. The social media end is especially important because it amay take some extra capital to work these venues. Optimizing things for each major social media site is tedious and has to be constantly maintained is both time consuming and worrisome.

To battle this, try to work out a timeline outline for the boss and investors. Show them the average time it takes to see SEO results and what kind of traffic you expect via the standard model. Show them the more amazing statistics only after they’re familiar with the standard procedures. They’ll begin to see that this is no magic wand ROI but one that is systematically planned and processed. It gives them something to go by on a daily or weekly or monthly basis as they pour over the statistical data to see where the traffic is coming from, what kind of traffic it is, retention, and conversation to sales and leads.

That’s the bottom line they want to see. How fast to get the good search results, how many conversions to leads and sales. That’s all they’re looking for and it’s up to the SEO professional and using social media to get them there.

Again, it’s very difficult to talk to suits. They’re often uneducated in the particulars and are only going on hype and hearsay. They’re interested in only two things, their egos and pockets. It takes the right marketer to calm them down and tell them what to do right off the bat. Take the time, demand patience, and your SEO and social media ROI duties will pay off without major problems.

Importance of the social media for Dentist practices

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SEO and Social MediaEveryone has heard of the wonders of using social media and most regular web users have probably had some interaction with businesses via social media. Most likely though this will have been with big multi-national corporations though and web based businesses such as e-commerce stores.

Many small businesses miss out on the benefits of Social Media and dentists are certainly one group who have a lot to gain.

If you have the same dentist for many years you build up some sort of relationship with them, Social Media is ideal for the kind of businesses where there is one main point of contact such as with a lawyer or an accountant: where you have a professional relationship and may be willing to interact or follow a person online; this certainly is the case for a dentist. SEO too can be improved with Social Media use.

If you want to improve your search engine rankings tweets and Facebook mentions and likes can actually give you a boost and Google are relying on these social factors increasingly to decide where to put websites in search results, Social Media then is an important part of dentist SEO strategies.

For a dentist SEO can bring in a lot of traffic to their site but traffic directly from Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter is important too and can be quite considerable. Social Media is increasingly used as a tool to discuss products and services and for people to get recommendations not just from close friends and relatives but from other acquaintances and co-workers.

If you are active on Social Media then it is very easy for one of your customers to reply to a friend looking for a dentist, ‘Try my dentist at The Valley Dental Practice’ and in Facebook this will become automatically clickable to get to your Facebook page if that customer has ‘liked’ you and in Twitter they can add in your Twitter name such as @valleydental which will link to your profile which can in turn link to your website.

As a dentist SEO may actually not be as good value as Social Media done well then, if many of your new customers come from referrals anyway then you are simply making it much easier to gain more referrals and these people once they come to your site are much more likely to become customers than someone referred by a search engine.

There still has to be a benefit for your existing customers mind you and try to remain active on social media so they don’t forget you are there and they can easily refer people to you, try adding news, competitions and maybe even organizing events such as networking for any of your customers who are business owners or free talks on dental hygiene and similar.

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