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Should you choose SEO or go for PPC for your dental practice?

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PPC for Dentists: Reasons Why Dentists Should Use PPCThough it has been the established norm for websites to exploit SEO strategies in order to claim a rank on the first SERP of Google or Yahoo, the PPC stratagem has proven to be equally effective, of late. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned dentist or launched your portal a few months back, PPC marketing can go a long way in shoring up your business, especially if your Dental SEO campaign has not helped achieve expected results. A pay per click campaign may no doubt turn out be more expensive but at the same time might prove to be more effective in getting you more customers (aka patients), at least in the short run.

What most online marketers and strategists suggest is to blend your dental SEO plan with a meticulously devised pay per click approach so as to maximize your chances of bolstering your practice.

Benefits to reap by syncing your dental SEO with PPC advertising

PPC advertising would surely improve your prospects of securing a good rank on Google’s opening search engine results page(s), particularly when your organic SEO strategy is faltering. If you wish to promote your online practice across the internet, the best line-of-attack would be to combine both ‘pay per click’ and dental SEO efforts.

As far as your dental portal is concerned, there will basically be two kinds of people who’ll look up your site. Belonging to the first category are those who’ll log into your site simply to check out the services you are offering but may not schedule an appointment. With organic or open-sourced algorithm-oriented search results, you’ll not have to pay a farthing when the user clicks to land on your site.

But if you’ve subscribed to PPC, you’ll end up paying every time a user or patient clacks the mouse on the URL that takes him or her to your site. Therefore, the aforementioned type of user is not a prospective customer for your practice. On the other hand, there’ll always be individuals who’ll be frantically looking forward to meeting a dentist located close to their address as early as possible as they are suffering from toothache or need to opt for a dental implant.

These are the ones who are most likely to become your steadfast customers in the long run and this is where your pay per click investments would fetch you handsome returns. Additionally, in the 2nd scenario, your pay per click promotion would receive a huge boost from your dental SEO tactic.

SEO should be used in conjunction with PPC at all stage for the following reasons

PPC classifieds, on its own can help foster your practice, in case you opened your chamber a few weeks back, and looking for your first batch of patients. Once your business starts flourishing, you’ll be in a position to buttress your practice by setting up a chamber in another area of the city if you see sufficient clicks being generated for that specific zone consistently. Now that you’ve a sound idea about the benefits you enjoy by marrying ‘pay per click’ method with your dental SEO arrangement, you’d be better off rehashing the objectives why you’d want to do so:

  • High probability of remaining almost always on top of search results
  • Create organic content based around PPC keywords that stimulated maximum clicks
  • Helps fine-tune a perfect optimization strategy
  • Aids in tagging a PPC advertisement to visual or textual content related to your product or service
  • Chances of heightened click through rates
  • Increases conversion rates are assured as well

If you are sincere about furthering your dental practice, you can log in at for getting tips on how to effectively dental SEO plan with a PPC campaign. Alternatively, you can make a call to 727-797-3057.

Connecting to social media is crucial for the success of your dental SEO promotion plan

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Dental Practice Marketing - Using Social Media to Grow Your PracticeConsidering the contemporary significance of the automated social media with regards to popularizing an e-commerce site it does not need to be emphasized that your dental SEO promotional strategy should incorporate social media platforms. Of course, social media cannot be the be-all and end-all of a typical web-based dental canvassing plan as there are other more important aspects to consider but it nevertheless should be factored into your overall digital advertising campaign. Contrary to what you may think, the endeavor does not need to be an expensive one.

Effective Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Online Dental Marketing Approach a Success

A good of majority of dentists simply cannot resist the temptation of going overboard with their dental SEO stratagem, especially when connecting with social media, like making the promotion appear too gaudy and loud. The posts and updates should be engaging and interactive enough to encourage existing and prospective patients/clients to take an interest in you.

Integrate Your Dental SEO with Social Media

To make the most of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn blend them with your dental SEO tactics. To be specific, integrate your practice’s Facebook or Twitter profile with your portal hosted on Google’s servers to make the latter more visible across the web.

Create Original and Innovative Content and Share the Same

Content still remains king when it comes to publicizing your dental practice. So, creating original, relevant, and quality content free of plagiarism and devoid of grammatical or syntactical errors is sine-qua-none. Additionally, tempering the content with visual content in the form of appealing illustrations and imageries will surely amplify your practice’s online presence across social media.

Optimize Social Media Posts with Niche Keywords

You had definitely selected the keywords (generally used by patients and visitors when they browse on the net) for your dental SEO method. You could extrapolate this optimization technique for your social media blogs and posts for driving greater traffic to your site.

Enhance Visibility via Link Building with Social Media

Once you have taken the necessary steps to build inbound links for your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts by uploading inventive and unique content, you should next focus on generating outbound links that will direct or redirect users to your site from social media profiles.

Harmonize Google Classifieds with Facebook Ads

Do not put all your eggs in one basket by investing your entire online marketing budget on Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and AdSense. Instead, keep aside and allocate a part of your funds for spending on Facebook classifieds. Browse for the appropriate keywords independently for Google as well as Facebook, and thereafter mix the lists judiciously for getting the best of both worlds.

Keep Track of Traffic by Taking Advantage of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can help you in tracking visitors of your site, starting from the classified or post they clicked on to land at your website to the route they went through and everything in between. Facebook Pixel will even let you know if some of the visitors scheduled an appointment.

Rate Your Success

All your efforts to promote your site on social media will be in vain if you do not use metrics for reviewing the results using the Google Analytics tool.

You can log in at or call up 727-797-3051 for getting a dental SEO strategy devised by online marketing specialists.

Puzzling Through The World Of SEO & Small Business

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Puzzling Through The World Of SEO & Small BusinessSEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most intricate of small business strategies in the world today.  That being said, the more you know about it on your own, the better off you’ll be in the short and long term.

Basically, SEO has been changing so rapidly that many just can’t keep up with it. The big search engines use expensive and pervasive software in order to provide search result rankings that satisfy surfer demand and avoid any pitfalls laid out by scammers and spammers. This is an ever increasing and daunting task by the search engines and it has SEO experts and companies on the edge of their seats not knowing what they’ll have to do to remain at the top of their niche’s search engine results.

The old tricks don’t work anymore and using any Black Hat or illegal tactics pays a heavy price nowadays. As soon as the Black Hats come up with a new exploit, the search engines are already putting in countermeasures. This leaves the consumer of SEO services in a dark spot and can lead to being banned. If that happens you’re in more trouble than you can shake a stick at and for a long time.

The search engines are employing all sorts of new metric statistical data on surfers so that they can target their ads and search results for a particular surfer’s regimen. If a surfer clicks on a site regarding lawn care in Brooklyn, New York, they’ll automatically be deluged with sponsored ads and other solicitations with such data in the subject matter. This is all stored in various areas like one’s own computer, various ad clouds, browsers, and more. There’s no getting around it and your website has to be in fine tuned shape to best take advantage of this tactic.

Keeping your website well designed, easy to navigate, full of pertinent data that is relevant to what the surfer is perusing for, well tagged posts, pics, videos, links, all help to prove to the search engines that you really mean business. It shows you’re trying to provide exact and relevant results that the surfer needs, not just a bunch of useless promo or cookie cutter webpages that try to exploit all areas of a niche, location, or product and services.
Local SEO is important here. Your location, including all up to date contact information should be prominently seen on the site and interlinked correctly throughout the navigation or sitemap. Failure to do so will be seen by Google as unprofessional and you’ll rank lower.

Getting a professional SEO marketer to get your site up the rankings means shelling out lots of money and constantly sitting vigil. This isn’t a one-shot deal. It takes know-how, diligence, perseverance, patience, and effort, along with a sensible and equitable strategy in order to even get noticed, much less ranking higher. This is why you, the site owner, must at all costs, spend the extra time studying up on the SEO market and making sure you’re taking the responsible steps forward to become competitive but not overwhelming to the point that you can’t even function correctly.

So the bottom line is study and ask questions. Don’t puzzle your way through SEO.