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Pocket Friendly Dental SEO Services To Empower Your Business

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Pocket Friendly Dental SEO ServicesSEO or search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy that has become a sine-qua-none for any business, big or small, with a virtual or web-based presence. Uploading a well-designed site that is user-friendly across all handheld or desktop devices is the primary criterion for SEO. Having original and meaningful content punctuated with relevant keywords, and maintaining NAP consistency are some other vital prerequisites that sites to fulfill so as to rank on the ‘first search engine results page’.

If you are dentist with an online presence, you’d as well have to cater to the above preconditions for making your site SEO-compatible. Almost all large, medium-sized, and small firms that rely heavily on the online medium for revenues take advantage of the search engine optimization strategy. As a dentist, if you wish to augment more traffic to your site and capitalize on the same, you should opt for a dental SEO package from a certified agency.

Opt for a SEO plan from an approved agency offering web marketing services

Bear in mind that competition for garnering a larger slice of the market pie has steadily increased since the advent of the internet. That holds for every sector and stream of the economy, including the healthcare sector. It could be that most of your closest competitors are already making the most of SEO through pay-per-click campaigns and Google AdWords for amplifying their site’s visibility across all automated social media platforms.

So, as far as you are concerned, that you should choose an effective SEO package from an authorized company specializing in internet marketing services, is a foregone conclusion. Subscribing to a dental SEO plan will go a long way in bolstering the online presence of your dental practice. Before you decide on what sort of search engine optimization plan would be suitable for you, you’ll stand yourself in good stead if you are aware of some facts about web-oriented marketing and promotions.

Majority of those who surf the net via Google, Bing or Yahoo (which is nearly 85%) focus on the first ‘results page’ and do not even bother to click on the subsequent pages. Therefore, if you wish to attract niche traffic to your site, you should take all necessary measures to make your site claim a first page ranking- the higher, the better. To put it more succinctly, you should at least aim at claiming a position which is within the first 20 search results or else your chances of attracting potential traffic are very slim.

The nature of SEO is unmistakably organic as the methodology (read search engine algorithms) used for securing a high rank or placement in the SERPs is natural. Promoting your dental website using web-based marketing techniques is not only cost effective but the impacts and results thereof stay effective for a long time period. If Statistical Research Inc. is to be believed, almost 57% of surfers browse the net.

Give a security ring to your site with HTTPS and SSL

While you are in the process of deciding on the SEO package that will be appropriate for your dental portal, take some time out to crosscheck as to how secure your site is. In this context, it would not be out of place to mention that sometime back in 2014, Google, the most widely used search engine, declared that all websites stationed on its servers should be HTTPS encrypted. The acronym HTTPS stands for ‘hypertext transfer protocol secure’ and this encryption ensures all communications or data that is exchanged between the sites and the Google servers are immune to tampering by unethical hackers.

So, if you wish your site to be even considered for ranking by Google, you must make your website a HTTPS site-its URL must bear the prefix HTTPS. Secondly, if you want to secure the data that your site shares and exchanges with the search engine’s servers, you should purchase a SSL (secure system lock) certificate.

Affordable dental SEO is an agency offering an array of web marketing services and is based in Clearwater, Florida. The firm can be reached at 727-797-3051 by telephone or you can send a mail to

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A Few SEO Tips You Need To Live By

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 A Few SEO Tips You Need To Live ByGaining ground in your SEO campaigns calls for knowing the basics and the trends by which SEO operates. We’ll look at a few things that are ‘must-haves’ if you want your dentist SEO goals to rise.

Basically, the success curve comes from following the basic techniques but adapting your practice to them. One is to make sure your site is professionally designed and engineered. There’s nothing like a sloppy or unprofessional site to make Google walk away. This means load times should be fast and grammar and spelling are top notches at the least. Easy navigation and proper balance of copy and images, including videos and graphics that are well tagged will be the strong foundation on which your site will rest.

Don’t get spammy or try stuffing keywords in your site’s copy and tags and descriptions. Google’s algorithms will detect these in a second and list you low on the vine or even get you banned. Make sure any SEO company you hire is aware of this and let them know if they get caught doing a sloppy job or unethical job, you’ll see to it that they pay for it in court.

Mobile Or Nothing

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing the boat. Mobile is now the king of computing. It’s now gotten to be over 70% of all web access and use putting laptops and desktops so far in the back of the pack that their prices are dropping like rocks. It’s not that difficult to modify your sites to accommodate the mobile crowd. There are free tools from Google and tons of free tutorials. It’s wisest, however, to hire an SEO company that really knows how to do the job. In the short and long-term, it will save you lots of time and money.

Local Dental SEO

An SEO company will know what to do regarding Local SEO. It’s the process of using your location’s name and surroundings as a way to fine-tune searches. This will direct people who reside in your area to know you’re in business. The SEO company will search for the right keywords and key phrases and key groups that are available easily or if they cost money to get, you’ll get the best deal. This phase is of essential importance and neglecting it is like cutting your own throat.

The Power Of Reviews

What sells a person to a great degree to buy from you, is what others say about your product and services. There are review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List where your customers can send in reviews about you. As you grow in positive reviews, so will your results in the SERPs. Google does highly value reviews and these reviews can be used by your SEO company to great success. Encourage your surfers and customers to send in reviews. Make sure your social media pages announce the need for reviews and post the best ones with inbound links.


Always let honesty be the best policy. Don’t go for ‘Black Hat’ techniques. Instead get a professional company like Affordable Dental SEO to get the job done right. A solid staff of pros and knowledge of the dental industry. It should put a smile on your face.

How To Transfer Reviews From One Page To Another

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How To Transfer Reviews From One Page To Another

If you’ve made changes to your business, your existing reviews may be kept, moved, or removed from your listing, depending on the situation. Business reviews are useful only when they’re relevant, helpful, and trustworthy. If there are significant changes to your business, reviews may be removed if they’re no longer relevant to your business.

If you’ve created and verified a new listing for your business to reflect a change in a physical location or a change in ownership, you may be able to transfer your reviews from the old listing to the new one. Request to transfer your reviews

Physical location (address) move

If your business moves from one location to another and keeps the same business name, Google will generally move the reviews to the new location. There are some exceptions for businesses heavily tied to their locations, like hotels, golf courses or scenic attractions.

Change of ownership

If you are the new owner or manager of an existing business that hasn’t changed its name, reviews will not be removed. You can use owner responses to respond to previous reviews and clarify any changes/improvements to the services your business is providing.

Change in name

If you are the new owner or manager of an existing business that has changed its name, reviews may be removed if your business meets specific criteria.

  • Rebrand: Reviews can be removed from a listing if there’s been a significant change to a well known, distinct brand name. Hotels or fast food establishments that switch franchise affiliations or car dealers that specialize in a different make of cars would qualify for review removal.
  • Name changes related to a change in underlying services: For instance, a business that switches from Jade’s Chinese Garden Restaurant to India Palace Restaurant, or Al’s Sporting Goods Store to Performance Bike Repair, would qualify for review removal
  • Partners or other business affiliations that disassociate: For example, if Perkins and Rogers, Attorneys at Law becomes Perkins, Attorney at Law because Rogers has left the practice to form his own, all reviews would be detached. Note that all reviews would be removed, not just the ones that refer to a particular practitioner

Name changes that don’t reflect core changes to the business’s services aren’t eligible for review removal. For example, if Dasha’s Dry Cleaner becomes Dasha’s Super Dry Cleaner, or JFK Limo Service becomes Super JFK Limo, reviews will remain in place.

Out of business

If your business closes, reviews will remain attached to the closed business.

Is Your Dental SEO Following The Rules?

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Is Your Dental SEO Following The Rules?There’s a lot that goes into SEO and especially when it’s used for specialty SEO sites that focus on a particular niche or company. That being said, SEO has some guidelines to follow and we’ll look at the most popular venue, mobile.

Mobile SEO was once underestimated. Those that didn’t see the value of mobile SEO soon found themselves lagging behind. Now, anyone with a business website or website in general had better have a mobile friendly website or you’ll be knocked out of the b ox by the competition.

There’s more to mobile SEO as it is a subhead of the overall concept and practice of SEO. You being a dentist, you’ll have to fine tune your site for SEO, mobile SEO, Local SEO and your particular dental SEO. Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? Well it is and it calls for expertise and know-how that can cost a good penny but needs to be done at the beginning, so you’ll have firmer ground to stand on later.

Each step of the way calls for precision and realistic expectations. Don’t try to improvise where such isn’t warranted. Study the tried and true methods that work and apply them. This all starts with a fast loading site that is constructed well. Smart and relevant title tags, descriptions, etc.. Don’t overdo it but don’t let an opportunity go by to add those valuable keywords, keyphrases, keygroups and long term keyphrases. You can get more mileage by mentioning your location and the more important keywords regarding your practice.

As luck would have it, Google provides two very valuable free tools to test your site for mobile friendliness. Check out both the Mobile Friendly Test and the Mobile Usability Report. You use these on each of your webpages to gauge how mobile friendly each is. Remember, Google doesn’t index sites, it indexes pages, so each page has to be optimized to peak performance. Once you’ve checked each page, you’ll see where your strengths and weaknesses are. From there you can make the necessary corrections thus establishing again, a solid SEO foundation to work from, from now on.
SEO doesn’t work overnight. It takes weeks and months for valuable results to come in and then you’ve got to keep up the good fight with constant maintenance and applying the newest and most professional approaches. You’ll need to keep your ear to the ground for the latest news but not fall prey to scammers.

Don’t get lazy. Make sure your site looks as good via mobile for all mobile devices as it does for desktop. Just one error can upend your efforts. Be objective and critique your site as if you were a customer. Is the site well laid out? Does it load fast? Are graphics and videos complete and not broken or so bloated as to slow down site load time? How about the copy? Does your copy cover the basics of your dental SEO or does it merely skirt the issue in favor of looking flashy and showy?

Once you’ve given your site the once over with an honest eye you’ll be better prepared and ready to move on to bigger and better things.
Make sure also that your mobile versions are social media friendly too. You’ll need that Facebook or Twitter engagement to move up the search engine rankings. There are scripts that show the full spectrum of social media sites. Don’t get greedy and try to push for all of the sites, just the top five will do. Make sure the script works in mobile as well as desktop and that the link icons aren’t obscuring vital information on your pages. This will let surfers know that you’re active on social media and they can get one on one reviews regarding your dental practice and even chat with you online.

Overall, your dental SEO has to be just that, dental. However, it doesn’t mean other topics of interest can’t be incorporated. You might have articles about a friend or family member or client who plays a sport. You would talk about that sport, where they play thus adding to local SEO, how far the spot is from your office and most importantly how their smile is now an award winner thanks to your dental expertise.
See? It’s more like a game and you should enjoy it all the way through.

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Good Dental SEO Means Using Good Local SEO

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Good Dental SEO Means Using Good Local SEOThe bottom line is that you want people to find your dental office and its services. Via the web this means applying good dentist SEO. Your site must have the proper, pertinent information that brings those surfers in, not make them confused. A great must-do additional service is applying Local SEO as well.

You already know that Dental SEO means adding content that is relevant to the dental industry. Things like services, tools, techniques, and the latest dental news. That’s a great start but to hedge your bet even further, you’ll need to add Local SEO for that final touch of panache.
By adding information about the location of your business, you’ll get more mileage to your SEO campaigns. This is logical as people look not only for goods and services, but also what’s nearest them for convenience. When you let people know that you’re the servicee they’re looking for and you’re just a stone’s throw a way, then that’s all the better.

First of all your website has to be professionally constructed. Google indexes webpages, not websites, so this means each page should have a lot of pertinent information such as keywords, keyphrases, keygroups, contact information and all that should be included in all pics, videos, and graphics as well as copy. Descriptions and alt tags, all come into play here. Use also a service like Google My Business and other directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and the like. In any case, your location and contact information should be shown prominently, not just a hyperlink, but full data. City, State, zip code, even county. Why? Because all of these will expand your search ground as people will be adding queries that will indeed include such data.

Once you’ve got such info on your pages, wait a while and check your statistics. Look for what keywords are drawing the most attention and from where that traffic is coming from. From there you’ll be able to tweak your campaigns even further for better gain overall.

Don’t just add your specific location either. You can cover lots of ground by mentioning other areas of interest in your location. For example, sporting events, concerts, historical and vacation sites. Mix it up with some copy that emphasizes good dental hygiene or the like and how having a presentable smile will make visiting these events all the more fun.

Combine your copy and videos that focus on not only the basic things you provide, but also the latest in dental news, perhaps some humor with an occasional dental joke that you can pick up at various joke sites. Take selfies with your patients and make sure your social media venues are set up to post such interesting content. Google will see this activity and consider your site of value thus raising your listings.

Ask your patients and staff to provide content too, like videos, pics, reviews. Combined, all these add up to promotion and search engine points.
There is a plethora of variations to a theme here and it’s going to take some trial and error, but after a few months you should be well honed.
Dental SEO works best with Local SEO, don’t underestimate the value.

Are Keywords Still Important To Dental SEO?

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Are Keywords Still Important To Dental SEO?For the past 18 years, keywords have been the benchmark of what successful SEO and dental SEO relied on. With the advances in software and changes in hardware, are keywords still important to dentist SEO?

Don’t let anyone fool you. Keywords are still important, but not as much as they used to be. Reason being, the ability to manipulate the search engines became so easy that surfers weren’t getting the quality results they deserved. Instead of getting results that were pertinent, surfers would get spammy, ad-laden results.

Google couldn’t afford to have such crummy results to their customers so they developed several pieces of software to filter out these keyword manipulated sites. Now, keywords are behind such things as social media presence. With social media presence we end up with a far more broad a series of metrics to market by. Social media content that points to your site shows Google that people are not only interested in your site, but that your site is performing a valued service.

These social media metrics also add up to your citations. People leaving positive reviews about your site from several venues. This is why you have all your pertinent data on all your pages as Google indexes pages, not just sites. Each page should highlight what you do, where you are, prices, and an interactive site map so people can get through your site without stumbling around. This allows for people to go through your site and click or interact with what is important to them. This data, you and the search engines can benefit from. Therefore, as a dental SEO campaign, you campaign should include your name, contact info, services, pics, videos, graphics that are properly tagged with relevant descriptions. Leave no stone un turned here. Each page should act as a landing page. If you have dental implants on one page, surfers should be able to see all your other services and products on that page with a hyperlink, graphic, pic, video, that has a description and well tagged.

These tags, descriptions, etc., act as keywords, keyphrases, and keygroups. No need to worry about them unless you’re targeting a competitive area and want to get the best position. In this situation, you’re going to have to fight for. It can be costly and troubling, but can pay off.

Just keywords won’t suffice, as stated earlier, and optimizing your site for mobile markets and local SEO is also required. Reasons being that mobile is the biggest hardware market and local SEO fine tunes searches down to the address on the door of your office. These are all factors in being indexed higher and in your specific keyword goals.

Thus in retrospect, you’ve got to toot your own horn. Let surfers know who you are and what you do wherever you can on your site. The search engines will see this data and index your site properly, especially if you have answers and bullet lists regarding important issues of the dental services and products you have.

Give keywords their proper due but don’t overestimate their value nor underestimate them.

Creating SEO Content That Matters

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Creating SEO Content That MattersPutting together a website and trying to do SEO means more than following the basic SEO tactics. It calls for much more, and that’s where talent comes in as well as good sense.

Some websites have all the bells and whistles of a modern day site. Lots of cool graphics, snappy videos and pics and catch phrases peppered with keywords. In today’s SEO game to catch Google’s eye, the flashy, superficial stuff just isn’t enough. What really matters are significance, relevance, informative, and creative integrity.

Basically it means creating web pages and a site that serves a purpose, not some spam signpost with all the SEO tricks on the books. Google is far smarter nowadays with their software like RankBrain. Putting together a webpage that doesn’t cut muster means you’re headed for a penalization that you might not be able to get out of.

Competence is the key here. Your site has to meet the criteria for recognition and higher placement. Outside of well done construction, the webpages must have relevant content. It has to serve a purpose, actually be useful to the surfer. That calls for being able to create text and art that details the information relative to your site’s niche and make certain you educate the surfer with pertinent information, not just hype and nebulous and generic data.

You’ll need to have creative integrity. Original content that should both be entertaining and informative, with links to relevant and pertinent data, is what propels a webpage up the Google ranks.

Beat the competition by looking at what they have on their sites that rank higher than yours. Do their sites have reference material, Q and A sections, help guides, even live chat and support? Do they offer free seminars to help people understand the niche in question? These helpful content options all add up to let the search engines know that you’re trying to help, not just promote your site with spammy content.

Basically, make your site useful. It has no other value than that of being useful to the surfer. No longer will hyped up websites loaded with SEO tricks dominate the landscape. From now on only sites that serve a purpose will get noticed and positioned properly. This also calls for doing very detailed data such as Local SEO.

Overall, Google is separating the chaff from the wheat, and if you want to make the bread you had better make it with the right ingredients.

Putting A Smile On Your Dental SEO

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Putting A Smile On Your Dental SEOPromoting your dental business with SEO isn’t that difficult. It follows the same principles as regular SEO, you just have to know what to adapt to your business promotion.

The bottom line with today’s SEO is in following sound fundamental principles and adapting to the changes in the software used by the search engines to find and rank your site in a preferable and profitable position.

Number one, make sure you website is professionally constructed. You cant have an absurd design or inefficient navigation. You should have excellent grammar, well placed graphics, pics, videos, logos, and copy. A surfer should be able to understand what your site is about and grasp its understanding, not get confused with bells and whistles and useless items. It should load fast as well. From here you can start building your SEO campaign on solid ground.

Your content should focus on everything dental and dentistry related to not only your business but to the field of dentistry as a whole. The reason for this is because you can broaden your reach outward and inward regarding traffic and reputation. Your copy should be well written with the a combination of technical, relevant, engaging, and entertaining data. Don’t be a stuffed shirt and so bland that people find your site uninteresting. Dental procedures scare people and the more at ease you put the surfer the more smoothly your patients will acclimate to you. Don’t use technical terms at every turn. People don’t understand them. If you do or have to , make sure you add an asterisk and the definition of the term at the bottom of the copy. This will prevent the person from getting swamped with information they don’t understand.

Graphics and videos should accompany any copy and especially those procedures you want to promote. If you have the newest procedure and tool, then you want the public to know it and explain what it does as well as making them feel comfortable that your dental office can deliver the procedure with flying colors. These videos, pics, and graphics should be accompanied by tags and descriptions of the content thus adding to the keywords and keyphrases that the search engines will be looking for.

You’ll need to make your website mobile friendly also. Mobile use is outdistancing desktop and laptop computing at an alarming rate. It isn’t difficult to do, Google has free software and tutorials showing you how.

YouTube is a huge search engine. It’s in the top five if not as big as Google itself. YouTube is both a search engine and social media venue. Uploading videos with your content in it and urls. Make your videos both technical and easy going. You’re introducing procedures and dental products you want people to know are available through you.

Speaking of social media, you’ll need those Facebook and Twitter accounts. They all add up to web presence that can boost your search engine rankings.

All these strategies have to tie into your website in some manner or another. When Google sees your site being active from various sources it determines that your site has some usefulness. It also allows their software to get their queries answered more precisely.

Finally, there’s local SEO. Your site, pics, vids, copy must have your location and contact info. It adds all that to your Google presence. It’s one of the most important things you can do regarding SEO. It allows for precision regarding search engine listings.

So that’s the roundup regarding SEO and dental websites. Get your SEO game on with a smile from now on.

If you are considering whether you should to start the SEO optimization campaign for your dentist practice please contact Affordable Dental SEO office at either 727-938-8891.  We will be able to speak with, or meet with you directly, to discuss web marketing and SEO optimization questions.

Getting Your Dental SEO Game On

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Getting Your Dental SEO Game OnFor dentists, the competition can be tough especially regarding local areas where patients may be hard to come by.  Knowing this, a dentist with a website needs to know how to have dental SEO done right.

First of all, the same thing that applies to regular SEO and regular local SEO applies to dental SEO.  That means following the basics of structure, integrity, and professionalism that goes along with a successful website.

These tactics include a well designed website with properly tagged images and videos, simple but effective graphics, contact information, quality copywriting, site maps, and all the essentials that makes a website pro level.  Once all that is done comes time for the dental SEO fine tuning.

The dental industry has its own language, lexicons, and medical principles to go by.  Adding these sensibly and creatively to your website is essential.  Keywords and keyphrases are important and shooting for the big keywords and keyphrases is risky.  Once has to fine tune such things to focus on the name of the dental office, the doctor or doctors, the procedures done, the prices, benefits, discounts, and specialties.  The location of the office, credentials, and client testimonials and reviews are important too.

Having sites like Yelp and others that list reviews and customer/client testimonials is a major help.  Make sure such sites have all the pertinent data correct like the spelling and contact information.  Having links to important dental venues helps, and links back too.

Updating content is most important.  Making the content interesting and unique is a plus.  People and the search engines like the personal touch so the dentist or dentists on staff should have their own blog or soapbox to stand on and give their opinions about the dental industry.  This allows for the search engines to determine that your site and blog are authority, a site that people can get pertinent and up to date information.

Dental SEO like all other SEO isn’t a one time thing.  You’ve go tot stay with it and adjust along the way.  SEO is an ever changing landscape where techniques and technologies change often.  The big search engines like Google have monstrous software algorithms that they work on 24/7 and with the advances in computing, these algorithms and software will increase in power.

If you do the SEO yourself you’re taking a risk.  Hiring an SEO company may be the best advantage and option.  It might cost more but at least you’ll have the knowledge that professionals are at the helm.