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6 Reasons for Dentists to Adopt a PPC Promotion Strategy for Boosting their Practice

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6 Reasons for Dentists to Adopt a PPC Promotion Strategy for Boosting their PracticeIt has become very commonplace nowadays for the majority of sites that you log in via Google or any other search engine to contain PPC classifieds and ads. In fact, a considerable section of almost all the pages of a typical site is taken up by such sponsored results. And there is a good reason why these results are consistently displayed on the SERPs-they enable advertisers as well as site owners to make money.

So, it is no wonder then that these sponsored or paid-for listings attract clicks that is comparatively much more than clicks on organic SEO pages. Statistically speaking for every organic click, 2 clicks are recorded for listings with keywords having a huge commercial value. Simply put, more than 60% of users in the US click on classifieds promoted by Google Adwords whenever they wish to place an online order (for a product) or make an appointment with a lawyer or dentist (service related click).

If you’re a dentist looking to improve the footfall number at your chamber devising a target-oriented dental SEO strategy might go a long way in helping you to accomplish your goal. For instance, creating and implementing brand new Google Adwords search engine campaign may help in your site attracting more clicks from niche prospects (patients looking for an Invisalign implant or root canal treatment). For a great majority of dentists, the very idea of opting for an SEO campaign with the aim of bettering the dental site’s ranking (and ultimately have more patients) can be quite exciting albeit tinged with some anxiety.

PPC adverts can give a shot in the arm of your business or call regardless of its nature, including of course dental practice. The following are some of the benefits that a dentist enjoys when he chooses a Google Adwords PPC promotion platform.

  1. Payment is due when and only when someone clicks on the ad

Surely the most noteworthy benefit that the dentist takes advantage of when he goes for a marketing campaign via the Google Adwords platform is that he or she is required to make payment only after an individual has clicked on the listing. So, you exercise a considerable degree of control over your ad’s performance (and consequently where your money is going). This convenience is in marked contrast to the conventional mode of publicity campaigns (think offline approaches) where you invest an amount without having any idea as to how the classifieds will perform.

  1. You can set the spending limit as per your convenience

Adwords PPC platform provides you with the convenience of setting the amount you’d wish to pay as per your spending (financial) capability. Not only can you put a ceiling on the daily spending limit but also change the capping at any time you feel like. It’ll certainly take some time for your listings to deliver and become lucrative but the chances of the ad or ads turning money spinners are always more than offline or traditional canvassing means.

  1. You can rope in new clients by inserting a creative ad that is well-timed

You’d naturally like to attract as many new patients to your chamber as well as retain the existing ones that live or work close to where your clinic is located. The PPC systems of Google can help with the location-based targeting of your niche patient segment.

  1. Expect to see results of your PPC ad faster than organic searches

Traffic being driven to your site through organic SEO is significant but you can expect your PPC search strategy to deliver results at a faster pace.

  1. The benefits of PPC data can be extrapolated to other marketing platforms

If a keyword or set of keywords are delivering the goods via Adwords, then you can harness these keywords across other PPC mediums for driving an increased volume of traffic to your site.      

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How Can Dentists Keep Themselves Informed About the SEO Landscape?

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How Can Dentists Keep Themselves Informed About the SEO Landscape?Google is the world’s most admired search engine explored by almost everybody and anybody whose life is impacted by the online realm. In order to hold on to its dominant position, Google time and again embarks on algorithmic updates leading to vicissitudes in the SEO landscape. Google is sort of compelled to keep changing the parameters for ranking websites on its SERPs to prevent scammers and unscrupulous elements from abusing the yardsticks so as to improve the rankings of undeserving websites.

So it is essential for all businesses and self-established professionals to keep track of the changes and modify or restructure their websites according to in order to rank high in search results pages. Dentists, for instance, could engage an online marketing strategist or specialist who’d formulate an effective dental SEO promotion plan that’d attract more traffic and eventually more patients. More often than not, many dentists don’t get the desired results even after investing heavily in/for dentist SEO. Instead of banking blindly on online promotion experts, dentists on their own could keep themselves in the know about specific aspects in order to derive expected results.

1. Content is still king

Google despite keeping its algorithm updates in a state of flux hasn’t very much changed its overall outlook towards textual content. That means, the write-ups that go into every web page has to be original and Copyscape passed (that the content has to be free from grammatical errors should be a given); no cookies crawling on the site, and the blogs should be updated with fresh content occasionally.

Google’s web crawlers are perpetually on the lookout for content that is mediocre or canned, and if your site is crammed with such content, the search engine won’t hesitate to relegate the portal to the bottom of the heap. Make it a point to crosscheck your content and ensure that the same is original using duplication tools to establish the texts’ authenticity. Your dentist SEO content should at least be able to satisfactorily respond to queries raised by niche visitors.

2. Voice search optimization

If you wish to attract customers or patients who stay nearby to your clinic, then you could customize the dental SEO stratagem for voice search. Web surfers or patients are now more into exploiting voice search phrases in order to get better or more definite results. Presently, you can take it for granted more than 50% of patients will be individuals who zeroed in your website via a voice search on their smartphones. They’re more likely to look for you using the keywords ‘dentists in Arlington Heights, Pittsburgh offering Invisalign treatment’ rather than keying in ‘dentists in Pittsburgh promoting Invisalign’.

3. Opt for keywords that patients are most likely to key in

The search landscape from the perspective of net browsers has undergone a dramatic qualitative change in the past decade. Netizens have become seasoned and these days, aren’t hesitant to use long phrases in order to find exactly what they’re looking for. Therefore temper the content in your site with dentist SEO keyword phrases like ‘porcelain implant dentist in Arlington, Pittsburgh’ instead of settling for ‘Pittsburgh porcelain implant dentist.

4. Forego using hyped up keywords

You must have heard it before from your dentist SEO specialist, and it is being reiterated again don’t go after keywords that most dentists in your city or locality pursue. To be specific, control the urge or temptation to use ‘the best dentist in Pittsburgh’ or ‘the dentist attracting the maximum number of daily visits’.

5. Be relevant

Make sure that the content on any web page should be reflected in the backlinks. In other words, there should be a reason to have relevant content that connects with backlinks. By the same token, get rid of damaging backlinks.


A Brief History Of Dentistry Made Fun

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A Brief History Of Dentistry Made FunTaking care of oru teeth has been a practice since who knows when. Primitive man had his own way of brightening those pearlies, and now things are so high tech that you can soon grow a new set of chompers thanks to stem cell technologies.
Early humans cleaned their teeth using objects laying around like twigs or rough vegetation. They would fray the end of a stick by chewing on it or rubbing it on a rock and then just go at the teeth removing debris and stains. As diets changed, more or less dental work, and as beverages were being created, the fruit stains called for more new ways of cleaning.

As time advanced, the toothbrush was invented, and in this case history shows China invented the first brush with bristles. From there as China’s culture spread and their technologies for dentistry expanded, other cultures emulated the Chinese and over the centuries, and little by little things got better and better.

Jumping all the way to modern day we can see how today’s dentistry owes a lot to the past and how diverse dental issues are today.

Today’s dentist can solve or prevent problems that just 100 years ago people would have thought impossible. Nowadays dentists and dental product companies provide numerous services and products that can boggle the mind.
The most dramatic are the repair technologies. Broken and decayed teeth, damage from accidents and illness, can be rapidly repaired, often with a day. Entire new teeth can be implanted and the patient need not even be awake. They can walk into a dental office in the morning and go under anesthesia, and in a few hours walk out of the dentist’s office with a brand new set of teeth and not having to have suffered any pain.

Using new materials, dental surgeons can replace missing bones and rehabilitate the beds where teeth grow. The invention of braces alone is a huge industry and a major part of dentistry and those braces are getting more efficient and less unsightly. New composites have replaced old mixtures for filling teeth that turned out to be toxic. Fluoride, which was introduced into drinking water to prevent decay, took place in Michigan in 1945. has become a mainstay in municipalties throughout the country. Fluoride, however, doesn’t come without its controversies, mostly that it is toxic and actually doesn’t help to prevent decay.

As dentists search for even more efficient ways to provide dental help and aesthetics. One new technology on the horizon and showing great promise are stem cells. Using a person’s own stem cells to either repair damage to the mouth, jaw, there is even clinical promise of growing new teeth that would allow for people to have their own natural processes take over. These new technologies may or may not be years down the line considering how fast the stem cell industry is growing.

Finally, becoming a dentist is a lot easier, and the competition can be fierce, but industry statistics show that dentists and dental technicians are highly needed.

Dentistry has and will continue to be a very vital part of our lives.

Energy & Sports Drinks May Be Bad For Your Teeth

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You may be familiar with the tale of the tooth dissolving overnight in a glass of Coca-Cola. Sugary drinks are commonly known to be bad for your teeth. In fact, acidity can be just as great a threat. As discussed in apost earlier this month, GERD can be a major factor in tooth decay. Likewise, the acid content of sports and energy drinks can wear away enamel.

In a recent study published in the May/June 2012 issue of General Dentistry, researchers immersed enamel samples in 9 energy drinks and 13 sports drinks. While the results were not as shocking as the legendary glass of Coke, they demonstrate the high acidity of these beverages (particularly energy drinks) will erode enamel.

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Growing a Tooth is One Step Closer to Reality

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ScienceDaily (July 18, 2012) — To build a tooth, a detailed recipe to instruct cells to differentiate towards proper lineages and form dental cells is needed. Researchers in the group of Professor Irma Thesleff at the Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki, Finland have now found a marker for dental stem cells. They showed that the transcription factor Sox2 is specifically expressed in stem cells of the mouse front tooth.

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Memorial Day Weekend Penguin 1.1 Update

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New Google Penguin Update 1.1  There is nothing better to do on Memorial Weekend Sunday morning (5/27/12)  than to wake up to realize that Google pushed a new Penguin 1.1 Updates. I definitely missed Google’s Matt Cutts update yesterday on Twitter: “Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches. Context: 

According to Google, only a minimal number of English searches has been affected by recent Penguin 1.1 update.

Obviously Google continue to improve search engine algorithms to remove web spam in Google search results.  And obviously the second round of filtering does not give enough time to webmasters to figure out way of remediation of the rank losses.

Here is a few Google Penguin update effects I noticed recently:

1. Penguin updates affect local as well as global searches. For instance the websites ranked high for searches such as  “chiropractic SEO”  as well as for “chiropractor Miami” might be filtered.

2. Penguin updates in some cases significantly degrade the site rank (10+ pages drop) and also in some cases just slightly downgrade the website rank by a few points or pages.

3. In many cases affected sites are still highly ranked for some keywords but downgraded for many other keywords.

4. Some of the pages Google Penguin Updates 1.0 has affected are partially gained some visibility but no complete recovery of page ranking has been seen as of now.

It would be nice to see if anybody has noticed any other effects of the Penguin Updates and willing to share it.


Free SEO Analysis Report for Dental Practices

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For a limited time Dental SEO will provide the SEO Analysis Report at no cost for dental practices.
This offer is valid till the end of June 2012.
The report will provide following information for your website:

  • Google organic ranking for up to 6 keywords which should include local geographical location
  • Google organic ranking for up to 3 competition websites
  • Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) based on Google Monthly searches for provided keywords

Why do you need this report? 
The report will provide your website ranking for target keywords, potential organic search traffic for your website and the quality of the keywords. The report may help you to reevaluate your SEO campaign or show you the amount of potential leads your website might be missing if not SEO optimization has been preformed for your website.

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Affordable SEO for dentists is offered at affordable price

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We have been working with Affordable SEO Company on developing a special local SEO optimization program for dentists across the US. This program will not require the annual commitment and will include the following options:

– Website based on the Word Press or HTML technology

– Blog module

– Up to 6 website pages including the email enabled contact us form

– On-site and off-site SEO optimization

– Submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN local places

– Setting up Google Analytics account

– Monthly SEO progress reports

– Setting up Google AdWords account and managing it

– Blog article posting

– Press release posting

– Social networking accounts setup

– Social bookmarking

Some of the options will be optional but most of the main SEO related tasks will be included in the low price monthly maintenance fee.  Price has not be disclosed but we think it may vary between $200 and $500 a month.

Please note, that SEO optimization process requires time and in many cases takes longer than 6 month commitment. In many cases it may take even longer to achieve high ranking for a younger website on a high competition local market.

Feel free to contact Tampa SEO company  at 727-938-8891

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Dental Implants explained

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I find the pictures and explanations from the Dr. Paul Caputo website extremely self explanatory and useful.

See it by yourself.

Dental Implant Demand is On The Rise

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According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), a global authority on medical technology market intelligence.

Most of the growth is a result of predictable population ageing.

‘The aesthetic and dental areas have consistently shown greater than average growth,’ says April Chan, publications manager at MRG. ‘Dental implants will show a growth of 9% percent, driven by consumer demand for anti-ageing treatments.’

Another indicator of increasing demand on dental implants is the rise of the shares of Swiss dental implants makers Nobel Biocare and Straumann.