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6 Reasons for Dentists to Adopt a PPC Promotion Strategy for Boosting their Practice

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6 Reasons for Dentists to Adopt a PPC Promotion Strategy for Boosting their PracticeIt has become very commonplace nowadays for the majority of sites that you log in via Google or any other search engine to contain PPC classifieds and ads. In fact, a considerable section of almost all the pages of a typical site is taken up by such sponsored results. And there is a good reason why these results are consistently displayed on the SERPs-they enable advertisers as well as site owners to make money.

So, it is no wonder then that these sponsored or paid-for listings attract clicks that is comparatively much more than clicks on organic SEO pages. Statistically speaking for every organic click, 2 clicks are recorded for listings with keywords having a huge commercial value. Simply put, more than 60% of users in the US click on classifieds promoted by Google Adwords whenever they wish to place an online order (for a product) or make an appointment with a lawyer or dentist (service related click).

If you’re a dentist looking to improve the footfall number at your chamber devising a target-oriented dental SEO strategy might go a long way in helping you to accomplish your goal. For instance, creating and implementing brand new Google Adwords search engine campaign may help in your site attracting more clicks from niche prospects (patients looking for an Invisalign implant or root canal treatment). For a great majority of dentists, the very idea of opting for an SEO campaign with the aim of bettering the dental site’s ranking (and ultimately have more patients) can be quite exciting albeit tinged with some anxiety.

PPC adverts can give a shot in the arm of your business or call regardless of its nature, including of course dental practice. The following are some of the benefits that a dentist enjoys when he chooses a Google Adwords PPC promotion platform.

  1. Payment is due when and only when someone clicks on the ad

Surely the most noteworthy benefit that the dentist takes advantage of when he goes for a marketing campaign via the Google Adwords platform is that he or she is required to make payment only after an individual has clicked on the listing. So, you exercise a considerable degree of control over your ad’s performance (and consequently where your money is going). This convenience is in marked contrast to the conventional mode of publicity campaigns (think offline approaches) where you invest an amount without having any idea as to how the classifieds will perform.

  1. You can set the spending limit as per your convenience

Adwords PPC platform provides you with the convenience of setting the amount you’d wish to pay as per your spending (financial) capability. Not only can you put a ceiling on the daily spending limit but also change the capping at any time you feel like. It’ll certainly take some time for your listings to deliver and become lucrative but the chances of the ad or ads turning money spinners are always more than offline or traditional canvassing means.

  1. You can rope in new clients by inserting a creative ad that is well-timed

You’d naturally like to attract as many new patients to your chamber as well as retain the existing ones that live or work close to where your clinic is located. The PPC systems of Google can help with the location-based targeting of your niche patient segment.

  1. Expect to see results of your PPC ad faster than organic searches

Traffic being driven to your site through organic SEO is significant but you can expect your PPC search strategy to deliver results at a faster pace.

  1. The benefits of PPC data can be extrapolated to other marketing platforms

If a keyword or set of keywords are delivering the goods via Adwords, then you can harness these keywords across other PPC mediums for driving an increased volume of traffic to your site.      

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Complement SEO for Your Business with Google AdWords Marketing

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Google Adwords for your businessIf you have a business and you have a web presence for that business, you’ve likely heard of Google AdWords. Sure, you’ve invested some time in utilizing SEO on your site and for your marketing materials but have you even thought about expanding your horizons a bit? That is, have you considered the potential power of AdWords marketing?

Let’s get some basic information out of the way first. AdWords is something anybody who has a website can get. It takes time to understand and utilize properly. It also requires keeping up to date with the latest changes. You see, as the science of search changes (and Google is at the forefront of that), AdWords changes, too.

You aren’t guaranteed results with this type of advertising but when it works, it pays off big. If you want to make the most of your SEO efforts, you should at least try your hand at AdWords marketing at some point. What follows is a breakdown of some of the common elements you’ll need to understand before getting started.

1. Campaigns

Campaigns are what your adgroups, ads, and keywords are all lumped into. These campaigns feature different settings based on the specific networks, locations, and devices they’re targeted for.

2. Adgroups

Adgroups are the area in which you determine how much you’re willing to pay for PPC (pay-per-click) ads. You only pay this set amount when somebody from a search engine clicks on your ad. It’s important to pay careful consideration here, as your budget will come into play big time. You can set daily limits as well, so you won’t suddenly find yourself paying more than you can afford for ads.

3. Keywords

You’ll need to play around with your keyword selections quite a bit before they become fruitful for you. After all, you have to play mind reader a bit to get the best results. You need to predict the intent of your target audience when searching the web. And that can be tricky.

4. Ads

Lastly, this brings us to ads. Once a user types in the keywords you’ve decided to target, he or she will be shown a list of results with your ad at the top. The text needs to really resonate with them in order to work. You have a very limited amount of space to work with here, so write several different ads and experiment to see which one gets the most clicks, and then, results in the most sales.

This has been just a basic primer in AdWords marketing, but hopefully it gives you a sense of how this tool can be helpful to your business promotions as a whole.

Get $100 Google AdWords Coupon When You Sign for SEO or Web Marketing Services With us

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Dental SEO provides variety of SEO and Web Marketing services.

We offer $100 Google AdWords coupon to our customers which sign with our firm for any SEO and Web Marketing services.

Google Adwords

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Google Search Advertising Revenue Grew in Third Quarter Showing Importance of Web Advertising

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 Googles Third Quarter Earnings Show Search Advertising Is On The Rise

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The new data coming off Google Investor Relations site shows that Google’s revenue in three quarters of 2011 has reached the record high of 27,321B which is just $2B shy of Google’s 2010 revenue of $29,321B. It’s easy to predict that Google’s 2011 revenue might be reaching a record high of  $38B.

As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes from the Search Engine Advertising including Google’s famous AdWords marketing.  As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes from the Search Engine Advertising including Google’s famous AdWords marketing. The fact that in a such bad economy shape Google is still able to significantly increase its revenue this year, that definitely shows Google Adwords and SEO optimization are the way to go if you want your business to stay afloat during the next couple of years of market recovery.

If you are not sold on using Google AdWords for your Dental practice check on your local competition which has probably already adapted Google advertising a while ago. The matter of fact is that the main reason your dental practices is not booked 2-3 weeks in advance is because your dental website either is not organically ranked high or you are not utilizing Google AdWords marketing.

Don’t wait any longer as time is running out. It’s no-brainer, if Google AdWords did not work then Google would not continue making billions of dollars quarter after quarter.

For limited time we offer $100 coupon from Google that can be spent advertising your dental practice  on Google AdWords.  Please contact Affordable SEO FL company at (727) 938-8891 for more details.

Affordable SEO FL (, an SEO Tampa company  provides SEO, PPC (AdWords) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) services for small businesses in Tampa FL and across the United States.

A Few Things You Might Need to Know About Dental SEO

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dental seoMost likely your dental practice needs to be well optimized for the local SEO as oppose to country wide or state wide SEO optimization. The challenges associated with the dentist SEO are mostly related to the fact that there are many dentists in any even small town and obviously all dentists in that area would like their websites be ranked on the first page of the search engines. Unfortunately there are only ten places on the first page of a search engine and in many cases it displays even less local place results. Another words, many dentists compete for positions on a first page  and there is only one First page. The bigger a town or a city, the more dentists are there, the more competitive the SEO optimization process may get.

Take a look at a couple of factors which define the specifics of the dental SEO:

1. Dentist SEO is very competitive. Usually the Google AdWords CPC (Cost Per Click) defines the level of the organic dental SEO competition. The dentist related keywords CPC is in the range of $5 and $8 (I just checked on a few dentist related keywords for Tampa FL area).

2. Google local place is a must to have for your dentist practice. In order to get a local place let say in Tampa you may need to have a physical address in Tampa and not in other town. This will help your Google local place to be much better locally optimized for the town your office is physically located in as opposed to the other even neighboring town.

3. Higher competition level in larger cities. Most of the dental practices in larger cities or towns and especially in the areas with a good dental keyword traffic volume are well SEO optimized and keep on maintaining their positions. This makes it difficult to achieve high SEO ranking placement without a significant level of effort.

Dental SEO

A couple of really quick recommendations which may save you time and money:

A. Very important to analyse and research for best search volume keywords in the town or city you would like to be ranked high. That’s better to be done before you start the SEO optimization.

B. I don’t think you as a dentist really want to learn basics of SEO and that’s why you need to find a good SEO specialist preferably locally. My strong recommendation is hire a company that  (1) can show a proven track of records of the successful SEO  optimization projects for competitive dental keywords locally or globally on US market; (2) preferably a local company which is not outsourcing the whole SEO process oversees or to another bigger company. The more people are involved in managing your dentist SEO project, the more possibilities you may get for things to go the wrong way; (3) the best solution is to find a small SEO company where you speak and discuss your SEO goals and concerns  directly with the person who would either technically manage or conduct the SEO optimization for you dental practice; (4) the SEO price would vary based on a number of keywords, the geographical location, the level of current SEO optimization of your website and the age of the website.

C. Be patient. The organic SEO may take time, and the more competitive your keywords are, the longer it may take. Be prepared to wait for at least a couple of month before you would sea good results. If you trust your SEO specialist then let him/her do the job. However, make sure at least monthly reporting is provided.

D. While you are waiting on the organic SEO to kick in, there is a few other options you can explore which may help you to increase incoming traffic to your site. This would be (1) creating social media accounts and (2) social media marketing; (3)web marketing via PPC programs such Google AdWords or Facebook advertising.

In case you have any questions related to the specifics of the dental SEO for your practice please don’t hesitate to call us at @ 727.938.8891 or visit our Affordable SEO Company website


Knowing about AdWords Quality Score may be very useful

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The Google AdWords keyword’s Quality Score is very important and this is why:

  • Cost decrease. The better a keyword;s Quality Score the less price you pay per click (CPC).
  • Ad’s eligibility to be dsiplayed. Your ad will have more  chances to be displayed on the first page easily at a lower cost if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.
  • Improved Ad position. You ad position depends on the keyword’s Quality Score. Therefore your ad will be ranked higher and ultimately will be displayed higher if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.

And below is how to make the Quality Score as high as possible:

  1. The Ad should contain words “Vacation” and “Tampa” in the ad’s title and in the body of the ad.
  2. The Display URL should also contain the keyword words.
  3. The landing  destination URL may need contain the keyword.
  4. The landing page’s on-page SEO optimization is actually very important for a Quality Score. So make sure that the landing page is well optimized including the page title, meta tags and a content of the page.

Google AdWords Tampa Why AdWords Quality Score Is So Important

read “Why AdWords Quality Score Is So Important” to find out how to spend less on your Google AdWords marketing and to achieve greater results.


Affordable SEO for dentists is offered at affordable price

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We have been working with Affordable SEO Company on developing a special local SEO optimization program for dentists across the US. This program will not require the annual commitment and will include the following options:

– Website based on the Word Press or HTML technology

– Blog module

– Up to 6 website pages including the email enabled contact us form

– On-site and off-site SEO optimization

– Submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN local places

– Setting up Google Analytics account

– Monthly SEO progress reports

– Setting up Google AdWords account and managing it

– Blog article posting

– Press release posting

– Social networking accounts setup

– Social bookmarking

Some of the options will be optional but most of the main SEO related tasks will be included in the low price monthly maintenance fee.  Price has not be disclosed but we think it may vary between $200 and $500 a month.

Please note, that SEO optimization process requires time and in many cases takes longer than 6 month commitment. In many cases it may take even longer to achieve high ranking for a younger website on a high competition local market.

Feel free to contact Tampa SEO company  at 727-938-8891

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